Thursday, August 30, 2007

Daft Punk

Daft Punk are coming to Australia in December. They are playing with the likes of The Presets. Its going to be rad to say the least. I hope I can make it as I live one of Australia's more provincial city, which will miss out on the pyramid spectacular. If my Internet were functioning properly I would be handing out choice remixes left and right. However, its not so here is one track.

Daft Punk Digital Love


Monday, August 27, 2007

The Voom Blooms

There are some things we like to keep under wraps to ourselves, by exposing them, we undercover the risk of losing interest, simply as it becomes a phase of the past. The Voom Blooms from Loughborough in England, musically, are a bit like hidden treasure. Driven with electrifying energy and at the same time charming with love-sick odes, they draw notable influences from The Libertines, The Beatles and psychedelic jangle guitar pop to form beguiling indie rock.

Labelled as one of the promising British bands; selling out their singles and demos, they're set to release, in Japan their debut album Nine Ships on Fabtone Records next week, 5th September, (which seems like an sweet birthday present, might I add). Its something to dance to, very catchy and very British, reminds me much like The Strokes too.

The Voom Blooms Nine Ships
The Voom Blooms By The Seashore
The Voom Blooms Aeroplanes At 3AM

Pre-order Nine Ships and watch Anna video

new tunes


Sunday, August 26, 2007

You Were Pulled Away From The Ocean...

YES! It’s yet another installment of Molly’s Mix! I know you kids miss my tracks very much! I am the fire in your loins! Haha no? Well that’s alright. Here are some fabulous tunes to get you through this hectic week ahead! May you walk with a bounce in your step and a sparkle in your eye!

The Shins Australia (Peter Bjorn and John Remix)
As many may know, I in fact do not like The Shins. I am sure many of you will be proclaiming obscenities through your computer screens at me. Yeah well too bad, I don’t like them! BUT, this track is amazing. It is very Peter, Bjorn & John-ish; much like you’d expect.. I am pointing out the clearly obvious aren’t I? Well this track will have you so happy that you have me to tell/suggest fabulous tracks for your listening pleasure!

Feist 1234 (Van She Technologic Remix)
Yes it’s the track that you hear on FBI & JJJ all the time, AND the track featured in Ebay’s commercials. A clear choice for VS Tech for such a track to remix. This song is upbeat, and perhaps slightly flirtatious. I can’t help to think, however, that it is slightly out of date. The booming beats and bass driven undertones are slighty (shock horror) last season.

Rilo Kiley Silver Lining
This song is simply marvelous. The music is so subtle and comforting. I love sitting on the train to & from the CBD, looking out the window – listening to this track. The serene vocals and accompanying enchanting instrumental masterpieces are beautiful. MySpace seem to have their act together – I noticed Rilo Kiley as a featured artist on the main page! More & more people are becoming more and more music literate! I don’t know whether to rejoice or to cry!

New Buffalo Cheer Me Up, Thank You
Fiest’s pal, Sally Seltmann – has the most incredible voice, as you all must know. I actually used to think of her as boring, how dare I!! This track is an illustrious song to come home to, to sing to your lover or to sing to yourself. The pureness and elegance that connect seamlessly is very much a magnum opus! (I have always wanted to say ‘magnum opus’ – so transformers hahaha)



Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Young And Restless

Melbourne/Canberra's very ownYoung And Restless have delivered an absolute bombshell of a release. Their debut self-titled album is simply spectacular. Since winning Triple J's Unearthed competition, I think, last year with their extremely infectious song Satan, this band has only had good things coming in their direction. They have done everything from supporting major acts, moving cities, suffering major injuries from shows, having their gear stolen, being signed to Dot Dash Records and now they can add recording an album to that list. These guys have been claimed as The Blood Brothers if they were Australian (and we're fronted by a female). Having recently finished up a hell of a lot of shows with fellow Australian's, Midnight Juggernauts (go figure), they are now about to head out on their own shows in support of their self-titled album. Head over to their website for the dates.

Young And Restless Police! Police!
Young And Restless No Vibe, No Strobe
Young And Restless Satan

Purchase Young And Restless and watch the video for Police! Police!.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Go! Team

I'll admit I was late in getting into The Go! Team. I totally missed them at Big Day Out '06 (arguable one of the best lines up ever). Even when I finally listened to them it took a while for me to get into them. They have an eclectic mix of noisy punk, glockenspiel, 70's funk and old school hip hop.

Their new album Proof Of Youth is a masterpiece. Definitely a contender for Album Of The Year. I originally thought that all the collaborating with the likes of Marina Ribatski of Bonde Do Role and Chuck D of Public Enemy would be a case of too many cooks spoiling the stew. However this is not the case. I'm not even going to bother posting anything from the new album just yet cause I have seen a load of over blogs having to take down the new songs. So here are a couple of snazzy remixes.

The Go! Team - Grip Like a Vice (Black Affair remix)
The Go! Team - Grip Like a Vice ( Night Facilities Disco remix)

Pre-order Proof Of Youth and watch the video for Grip Like A Vice.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf is someone with a unique talent. There is something in him that everyone can find something to relate too. His a brilliant multi-instrumentalist (harp, guitar, piano, autoharp, organ, accordion, ukulele, and most of all violin) who can perpetrate some of the most creative work that has ever existed since the early days (and nowadays I guess) of Bjork. The Magic Position saw (finally) it's day of release here in Australia a little before his tour a month back and to me it sounds something like a Bright Eyes record, but as if Nick Cave had gotten his hands all over it and threw in his pop sense. The album features a collaboration with none-other Marianne Faithful (Magpie) and Edward Larrikin of Larrikin Love (Accident And Emergency). It's really nothing short of a masterpiece. Every single track that appears on The Magic Position is simply brilliant and it has the sort of effect to get you completely addicted, such as myself. At this very stage in the year, I can't see another record topping this off as Album Of The Year. If there is ever a record you have to hear this year, it's most definitely this one, no doubt about it.

Patrick Wolf Overture
Patrick Wolf The Magic Position
Patrick Wolf Accident And Emergency
Patrick Wolf Magpie

Buy The Magic Position and watch The Magic Position


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bonde do Rolê

Lately, I’ve been seeing that Bonds ad everywhere – the one where there’s a phalanx of girls in colourful undies and whatnot doing a synchronised dance routine to a tune of a colourful, wild riot of energy. That song is called Marina Gasolina. And it’s by Bonde do Rolê.

The band started out in their relatively big hometown of Curitiba, merging baile funk, guitar riffs, generous amounts of samples and filthy, filthy lyrics into a big fat conglomerate of fun and all good cheesiness. The first band signed to Diplo’s own label Mad Decent, they soon then signed to British label Domino Records where they made their presence fully aware with companies using their songs in ads everywhere; the song Solta o Frango is currently in a worldwide campaign for mobile phone company Nokia. In no way tenuous or tentative, Bonde do Rolê is the band to make you dance and basically, go crazy.

Bonde do Rolê Solta o Frango
Bonde do Rolê Office Boy
Bonde do Rolê Marina Gasolina
Bonde do Rolê Bondallica

Purchase With Lasers


Thursday, August 16, 2007


If there's one thing I love just as much as witnessing YACHT live, it would have to be Panther. Theres not a lot of difference between the two; they both are solo (although YACHT does have Claire L. Evans), they both are all about parties, and both can put out some really incredible dance tunes. Panther's tunes on the other hand aren't all exactly about fun, he produces some beats that are made for sweating and really letting loose. It's all about moment grabbing with Charlie (Yes, I decided to use his real name), he made the most out of recent trip to Australia and New Zealand playing with the previously mentioned YACHT (Or Jona Becholt) and from what I've heard from other shows, he absolutely wears you out straight from the get go. For those of you who are aware of my undying love for YACHT, then I should warn you that my love for Panther is gradually growing with each day.

Panther You Don't Want Your Nails Done
Panther Tigers Touch

Purchase Secret Lawns and watch the video for You Don't Want Your Nails Done


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Art Brut

Art Brut makes me want to rock out; and I'll get to do exactly just that when they come down to Australia for the first time on mid-December tour. Their debut album Bang Bang Rock & Roll has to be one of my favourite albums of 2005 simply for those punk rock parodies, deliberate daft sing-along anthems, Art Brut have been renowned for, and of course vocalist Eddie Argos' woeful odes spoken, (rather than sung) in that thick British accent. Two years on and they’ve managed to deliver their sophomore album, It's A Bit Complicated on the similar platform, infusing those heavy distorted noise and catchy repetitive riffs with witty wordplay. It's nothing new to expect but just new fun songs to get stuck in your head.

December 16th at The Factory Theatre, Sydney
December 18th at The Zoo, Brisbane
December 19th at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Art Brut Direct Hit
Art Brut St. Pauli
Art Brut People In Love

Purchase It's A Bit Complicated and watch Direct Hit

new tunes


Monday, August 13, 2007

Midnight Juggernauts

One of the highlights of seeing Bloc Party last week, was that I was finally going to be witnessing one of Australia's finest and underrated electronic artist, Midnight Juggernauts. The crowd didn't react to them much at all, until finale Shadows kicked in, which was a major disappointment. I had poor seating, but from where I was watching from they seemed to put on a really decent set and I was loving every moment of it. Dystopia came out the day after their Melbourne support for Bloc Party, which meant that a majority of the tracks the band played, I was unfamiliar with. But that didn't matter! I still got myself into it even if I didn't know the songs word for word. So, like any true supporter of a band, I went out and bought their CD the next day. Dystopia is quite a phenomenal record. A lot of people might argue that all the songs are basically the same but in my eyes thats not the case at all. Each song has it's own uniqueness and are all entirely individual. Road To Recovery and Into The Galaxy, the main singles off the release, are all entertaining pieces of work that will no doubt become dance floor fillers. Justice have jumped on board with the guys claiming that Dystopia is the best electronic album they've heard all year, so why not join them?

Midnight Juggernauts Ending Of An Era
Midnight Juggernauts Into The Galaxy
Midnight Juggernauts Twenty Thousand Leagues

Purchase Dystopia and watch the video for Into The Galaxy


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson died yesterday (10/08/07) of cancer. He heavily influenced the punk movement and later acid house. He was the only one to air punk acts like the Sex Pistols on his TV show, So It Goes.

He went on to form Factory Records, a label synonymous with post punk. Which then went on to sign Joy Division, later to become New Order. He also opened a night club called The Hacienda. This is just a brief description of his life. Checking out the movie 24 Hour Party people should give an entertaining, though not entirely accurate, look at his life. I think he will be severely missed.

Here's a selection of some Factory tracks I am currently loving.

Joy Division She's Lost Control
A Certain Ration Abracadubra
Happy Mondays Hallelujah (Club Mix)

Buy 24 Hour Party People


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cut Off Your Hands

Cut Off Your Hands have always been one of those bands that you just knew were going to make it to the big time. Since my discovery of their radio hit You And I about a year and a half back, these guys have done nothing but risen higher and higher, and are fast becoming my favorite band by each listen. The boys have now been signed to new label, Levity Records (Levi's Jeans in case your wondering) and have given themselves a complete make-over and have dropped one of the most joyous indie/punk releases of the year. Blue On Blue is a breakthrough release that I think everyone can jump on board of. If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to Cut Off Your Hands yet, do yourself a favor and start now.

Cut Off Your Hands Still Fond
Cut Off Your Hands Oh Girl

Purchase Blue On Blue and watch the video for Still Fond


Monday, August 06, 2007


Browsing through music blog aggregators such as hype machine and elbo, there isn't much about London based trio Semifinalists, so I thought I should step in. Clearly underrated but hard working, Semifinalists started out with two Americans and an Indonesian: Chris Steele-Nicholson, Adriana Alba and Ferry Gouw as three film students working on a project, as well as making soundtrack. They decided to form a band and this is what they got: eclectic lo-fi spacey atmospheric noisepop which remind me a bit like Canadian band, Islands with Ferry's shrilling manic falsetto over recorders and xylophones noted in "Upstream" and "Origin Song" (from last year's debut self titled album), while at times quiet dreamy pop added by Adriana's soft female vocals. The songs, themselves create powerful emotions that build up on the intensity yet remain effortlessly and perfectly posed between the choppy distorted noise and subtle melodies. Influenced by the likes of Grandaddy and The Flaming Lips; Semifinalists' sound is controlled and taut, but with a gleaming, capricious pop edge. If you like intriguing but strange art pop/rock, you'll enjoy this. Ferry Gouw also does cover art for all their releases. The band are at the moment gearing up some new material for a second album sometime.

Semifinalists Show The Way
Semifinalists Upstream
Semifinalists Origin Song
Semifinalists HWY. 101

Purchase Semifinalists and watch Show The Way

new tunes


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