Monday, August 20, 2007

Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf is someone with a unique talent. There is something in him that everyone can find something to relate too. His a brilliant multi-instrumentalist (harp, guitar, piano, autoharp, organ, accordion, ukulele, and most of all violin) who can perpetrate some of the most creative work that has ever existed since the early days (and nowadays I guess) of Bjork. The Magic Position saw (finally) it's day of release here in Australia a little before his tour a month back and to me it sounds something like a Bright Eyes record, but as if Nick Cave had gotten his hands all over it and threw in his pop sense. The album features a collaboration with none-other Marianne Faithful (Magpie) and Edward Larrikin of Larrikin Love (Accident And Emergency). It's really nothing short of a masterpiece. Every single track that appears on The Magic Position is simply brilliant and it has the sort of effect to get you completely addicted, such as myself. At this very stage in the year, I can't see another record topping this off as Album Of The Year. If there is ever a record you have to hear this year, it's most definitely this one, no doubt about it.

Patrick Wolf Overture
Patrick Wolf The Magic Position
Patrick Wolf Accident And Emergency
Patrick Wolf Magpie

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