Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bonde do Rolê

Lately, I’ve been seeing that Bonds ad everywhere – the one where there’s a phalanx of girls in colourful undies and whatnot doing a synchronised dance routine to a tune of a colourful, wild riot of energy. That song is called Marina Gasolina. And it’s by Bonde do Rolê.

The band started out in their relatively big hometown of Curitiba, merging baile funk, guitar riffs, generous amounts of samples and filthy, filthy lyrics into a big fat conglomerate of fun and all good cheesiness. The first band signed to Diplo’s own label Mad Decent, they soon then signed to British label Domino Records where they made their presence fully aware with companies using their songs in ads everywhere; the song Solta o Frango is currently in a worldwide campaign for mobile phone company Nokia. In no way tenuous or tentative, Bonde do Rolê is the band to make you dance and basically, go crazy.

Bonde do Rolê Solta o Frango
Bonde do Rolê Office Boy
Bonde do Rolê Marina Gasolina
Bonde do Rolê Bondallica

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