Monday, August 13, 2007

Midnight Juggernauts

One of the highlights of seeing Bloc Party last week, was that I was finally going to be witnessing one of Australia's finest and underrated electronic artist, Midnight Juggernauts. The crowd didn't react to them much at all, until finale Shadows kicked in, which was a major disappointment. I had poor seating, but from where I was watching from they seemed to put on a really decent set and I was loving every moment of it. Dystopia came out the day after their Melbourne support for Bloc Party, which meant that a majority of the tracks the band played, I was unfamiliar with. But that didn't matter! I still got myself into it even if I didn't know the songs word for word. So, like any true supporter of a band, I went out and bought their CD the next day. Dystopia is quite a phenomenal record. A lot of people might argue that all the songs are basically the same but in my eyes thats not the case at all. Each song has it's own uniqueness and are all entirely individual. Road To Recovery and Into The Galaxy, the main singles off the release, are all entertaining pieces of work that will no doubt become dance floor fillers. Justice have jumped on board with the guys claiming that Dystopia is the best electronic album they've heard all year, so why not join them?

Midnight Juggernauts Ending Of An Era
Midnight Juggernauts Into The Galaxy
Midnight Juggernauts Twenty Thousand Leagues

Purchase Dystopia and watch the video for Into The Galaxy


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