Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wowza !!!

Or shall I say “HI I HAVE NOT SEEN YOU IN ABOUT A MILLION YEARS?!” Ok so maybe not a million, but hello! I have basically been on hiatus – ok not really I just really wanted to use that word in a sentence. Right so I know you have all desperately missed my beautiful, lyrical and musically ingenious weekly/fortnightly/yearly (ha!) blogs/posts. But I cannot really say you missed me, actually, now can I? I must say all the music you little chaps are being graced with by my lovely co-bloggers are nothing but miraculous!!

Enough chat and more music right?

The Klaxons My Love (JT Cover)
As many have heard; Klaxons had to cancel their tour to Australia. Yes, that means cancellations on the beloved Splendour in the Grass. Never fear; Hot Chip has gladly stepped in to fill the set with a DJ set. I know it will be amazing. Expect to hear tracks off their DJ Kicks compilation (features My Piano – which I posted quite some time ago, which might I say got an absolute beating in downloads). As for this track – like a pal of mine said: this would be amazing if it was properly recorded. It certainly shits on JT’s version regardless.

Spoon The Underdog
Spoon’s new instalment “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” is a sure hit. With mentions in many mainstream newspapers (mX to name one), it is all but smooth sailing for Spoon. This instalment in short – the album only accumulates to just over a half hour of tantalising music. Do not let that fool you – in this case; it is certainly quality over quantity, which many musicians over look with their additions of “fill-in tracks”. You know what I’m talking about – Uh-huh.

Silversun Pickups Lazy Eye (Curtis Vodka Remix)
Everyone (who knows me) knows how I adore fabulous remixes. Don’t get me wrong – there are some that turn out horribly wrong. This song takes this track to a new height. A typical indie track – which is usually not in my taste – however my mother and I quite enjoy watching the Drummer with his head down, fringe long just beating his skins (drums) like there is no tomorrow – in their clip for Lazy Eye. The introduction of great African inspired conga drums and other percussion instruments interlock amazingly for this track.

Hot Chip No Fit State
Right so you all know I have a fond uh, let’s just say likeness towards Hot Chip. They are regular participants in my blogs. This track is.. I suppose indescribable. The beat, the voice, the melody – it all simply works. We all constantly listen to albums and hear one track that just - works. Everything seems so timelessly and uniquely connected into a string of 4-minute brilliance. This is one of those tracks for me.

Smile, breathe and simply live.


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