Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Papa Vs Pretty

Every little now and then a new band emerges with sounds of something fresh and promising. Slipping into that radar is a very young band and one of Sydney's own, Papa Vs Pretty. Catching on quickly is their described 'soaring, beat-afflicted post-gaze new-wave', but anything goes, really. Their music is a vast mixture of band's influences from Talking Heads, Radiohead, Beck, Joy Division to Grizzly Bear, blending sombre sounds of haunting synths, pulsating guitar build ups and the guileless vocals of frontman Thomas Rawle. Having reformed last year with their current line up, the band have graced the airplay of Sydney's FBi radio and played numerous shows throughout the country and at some big festivals like Laneway, Peats Ridge and Parklife alongside some like-minded Dappled Cities, Temper Trap, The Devoted Few and Seabellies. Papa Vs Pretty, however exert an extreme amount of talent and energy of their own, showcased through their live performances with such flair and exuberance; making an incredible impression of a definite band to watch. They've just released their second and latest EP comprised of some of tracks I'll let you have a taste test listen to below.

Papa Vs Pretty Arrestem
Papa Vs Pretty Sleep (Again)

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Moscow Olympics

Named after an Orange Juice song and the 1980 summer games, is little known Fillipino indie pop quintet, Moscow Olympics, whose amazing debut 'Cut The World ' was one of my favourite albums of 2008 that I never got around to introducing because I either was procrastinating or consumed by books, or both. At first upon listening you could easily mistake this band of being of a shoegaze, post-punk British band from twenty or so years back. But Moscow Olympics wear their influences proud with Galaxie 500, Blueboy, New Order and Sarah Records favourites, yet sound entirely their own in this current moment in time. Much like contemporaries of The Radio Dept., their airy space soundscapes and subtle jangly melodies are gapingly entracing, at the same time painfully pretty. A very fine craft work of indie pop greatness at its best and even more so special from an emerging band from this part of the world. With bands like these it makes me excited about music from all broad of the spectrum, like the discovery of a rarity. Precious.

Moscow Olympics No Winter, No Autumn
Moscow Olympics Cut The World

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