Tuesday, November 18, 2008

'The Bismarck' by Lost Valentinos

The Lost Valentinos have finally returned after many many countless months in somewhat hiding, and what a surprising return it has been. The Bismarck is the name of the group's latest single. Their remix own under the Knife Machine moniker reminds me of New Order and how they always did their own extended remixes - which a lot of the times were actually better than the original. I guess maybe, its a personal thing but for some reason I really prefer it if there are less vocals and the track is 50 percent longer. Its good that I can still be a little excited about an "dance punk" band in late 2008 but the Lost Valentinos' new single just gets it right. Bismark is a pretty sweet glimpse into what the group could be producing next. It's been too long since the release of their last single 17 Death. Hopefully this time we wont have to wait as long for the album to arrive.

(MP3) Lost Valentinos - The Bismarck
(MP3) Lost Valentinos - The Bismarck (Knife Machine Remix)

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