Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Winston's post yesterday has reminded me that I needed to post this Ladytron one I wrote up months ago, better late then never, hey? It's been three years now since Ladytron's last (and arguably their most definitive) release, Witching Hour. The foursome return with their new album Velocifero, which has taken just under a year to structure, produce and officially release. The group haven't expanded too much on their sound, still sticking with the echoing electronic-noir sound, but also having delved deeper and thrown in a few noticeable gimmicks here and there. It works off a treat; it leaves an impact with each synth angsty beat that comes with each track and leaves us just as curious for the next song to follow. The albums opening tracks Ghosts and I'm Not Scared both reek of single material, and could both do the same wonders as what 'Seventeen' did for the band back in their hey-day. Helen Marnie's vocals are eerie and ghastly but at the same time have this softness and rocky attitude within it. Helen provides that extra edge for the group and in the final outcome blends in the flow and stir of the album. Overall, the album wont stir already fans but will welcome new fans quite persuasively. Catch Ladytron as they head around the Australia in the next week, and also taking in Adelaide's Parklife Festival as co-headliners with Peaches.

Ladytron Ghosts
Ladytron I'm Not Scared

Purchase Velocifero and watch the video for Ghosts.


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