Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jeremy Jay

Jeremy Jay's music is one of a story-telling nature, much in the same vein as Jonathan Richman's solo work. His songs are short and sweet and, as described by himself, "influenced by dreams and the more fantastic surrealist sensibility linked with the French New Wave". His intriguing to say the least, for there's obvious influences ranging from Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, to even the likes of Francois Hardy and David Bowie (Hunky Dory days) but this textural blend of slow dance ballads and over the top fuzzed-out guitar work is something worthy of an applause. Jeremy is backed by a three piece band containing none-other then the extraordinary Yasmine Smith (ex-Lost Kids), Ilya Malinsky (well known rock-critic) and Nick Pahl who all come from diverse backgrounds. A Place Where We Could Go is filled with teenage fantasies, childish lyrics, and moody pop. He is America's answer to Jens Lekman, and tracks such as 'Hold Me In Your Arms Tonight', 'The Living Dolls', and 'Oh, Bright Young Things' are perfect examples. This album is for the lonely, the together and everything in-between. It's a trip down nostalgic lane and an album of unprecedented instrumentation. Most definitely one to hold on to.

Jeremy Jay Hold Me In Your Arms Tonight
Jeremy Jay The Living Dolls
Jeremy Jay Oh, Bright Young Things

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