Sunday, August 31, 2008

'Summer Song' by YACHT

It's good to be back to writing after spending the last week or so enjoying all lights of various gigs/concerts and mixing with some interesting people (some very interesting people). One thing that had me extremely delighted was from an email I opened today consisting of a brand new video from YACHT. The video is for the already-well loved and adored track, Summer Song, and is incredibly amusing not just for the video's simplicity but by the rip off of Tapeheads as well. It's well called for, and If there was going to be one artist in this day and age that was going to pull off such a stunt as this, and do it so damn well, it surely had to be YACHT, there's no other possible answer. The video just works, and it's great to see something so simple work a hell of a lot better then that of a high-paid full on production shoot. Hopefully, in the not to distant future (edit: possibly early next year by the looks of it), we might get something new in the form of an album from this, now (Claire L. Evans is an official member), duo.

YACHT Summer Song
YACHT See A Penny (Pick It Up)


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