Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Holly Throsby

Just a quick post today I'm afraid. Holly Throsby, my latest high rotation joy. Her 2006 album Under The Town is just full emotional highs and lows and huge creativity. Her vocals are so incredibly delicate, everything about her sends shivers down my spine. She's plain adorable and her music fits with her so well. Having recently wowed crowds at the Laneway Festivals last month she will soon be rising up the ranks.

Holly Throsby On Longing
Holly Throsby The Shoulders And The Bends


Monday, March 26, 2007

The Whigs

Three piece Athens, Georgia band The Whigs derive from southern rock to sixties pop. Comprising of soothing tones and powerful notes found on their debut album "Give 'Em All A Big Fat Lip", The Whigs prior to this played at college shows and opened for bands such as Elf Power, The Futureheads and so forth. Recorded themselves at Ross Crane House, an old historical site, Give 'Em All A Big Fat Lip is an enjoyable, sweet and lush melancholic piece. Think of Pedro The Lion, but more bright and catchy or even our favourites My Morning Jacket, hence the blog name. Although the album was first released in 2005, Australian label Ivy League have recently taken them under their wing and joined the family of artists like Red Riders, Youth Group, Josh Pyke etc. Give 'Em All A Big Fat Lip will be released in Australia on April 21st.

The Whigs Don't Talk Anymore
The Whigs Technology
The Whigs Violet Furs


Saturday, March 24, 2007

British Comeback

The Cribs; last year they hit our shores for the first time and there haven't witnessed such an exhilarating live band. "Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever" will be released on May 21st via Wichita Recordings, produced by Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos. First single "Men's Needs" will be out May 14th. This will be exciting. The Cribs have set some dates in the U.S, hopefully they will come back for the new album.

The Cribs Men's Needs / watch video
The Cribs Our Bovine Public

I haven't given much listen to the new The Rakes' "Ten New Messages" (released earlier this week) but from what I've heard so far it conjures early Strokes "Is This It?". The Rakes are missing tensity of Capture/Release, but nonetheless nothing much has changed. One thing in common of these bands mentioned is their live antics of their lead singers. Alan Donohoe certainly pulls some interesting moves.

The Rakes We Danced Together / watch video
The Rakes When Tom Cruise Cries

Maxïmo Park are "Our Earthly Pleasures" (lame pun, I know), already chosen as one of my picks and the follow up of A Certain Trigger, the sounds are identical. Full of intelligent lyrics and melodic riffs, Sophomore album Our Earthly Pleasures will be released April 2nd. First single Our Velocity is already out. They've also announced a handful of tour dates in Australia for August.

Maxïmo Park Our Velocity / watch video
Maxïmo Park Girls Who Play Guitar


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

5 Albums That Changed My Opinion Of Music

Weezer's self titled (or The Blue Album to some people) debut was the ideal album to turn my life around. The day I first heard opening track My Name Is Jonas, I would have been at least 9 or 10 years old. Almost straight away I was thinking "what is this?" or something along those lines. Hearing this sort of music for the first time made an impact on me, at first negatively, but it grew and grew and grew and I became obsessed. This was one of those albums where I would sit at my stereo or in those days my dads stereo, chuck a pair of headphones in and listen to this album non-stop. This album was my everything. My party album, my bedtime album, my bored album, my happy album, it was the cure for my everything. I remember seeing the filmclip for Buddy Holly and I was absolutely amazed, I actually believed that the members from Happy Days were in their diner dancing to Weezer, I was sadly told the truth later on. To this day, Weezers debut is always an album I love to go back on and reflect.

Weezer My Name Is Jonas / Undone (The Sweater Song) / Buddy Holly / Say It Ain't So

Forever Changes has definitely got be on everybody's Life Changing Album's list. Arthur Lee was in some way an inspiration to everybody, whether it be his song writing, his showmanship, his devotion, it just would have been amazing to witness this man live. Yet another album I got sucked into a young age (maybe 12 years old?), the first song I ever heard was Alone Again Or. I was unfamiliar in those days of classic albums from the 60's or let alone classic albums all together, but this was something. Forever Changes is very well one of the best rock albums ever made. With song's like The Red Telephone, Bummer In The Summer, and Maybe The People... how could this not be a classic?

Love Maybe People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale / Alone Again Or

At the time of listening to Songs For The Deaf I was going through a massive rock, heavy metal, punk phase. So there was no doubting that this album was up there in the way of high rotation. You Think I Ain't... was just a massive song, just right in your face, terrific opener. No One Knows (anyone else remember that filmclip?) was superb, and Go With The Flow was just the sealer! What really attracted me to this album was Dave Grohl, this guy was literally my idol and was the main man on my bedroom wall. Everything he did I thought was genius (yep, even that Probot band he formed).

Queens Of The Stone Age You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire / No One Knows

First off, let me state that I had no idea who this band was when I heard this for the first time and I had no idea whatsoever that they were the band with the highly infectious 90's song Push Tha' Little Daisies. So, I went into this album with no expectations at all (I was much of thinking in those days anyway). The way the band chopped and changed their genre of music between everything song was captivating and plain creative. It's Gonna Be A Long Night, Hey There Fancypants, So Many People In The Neighbourhood, all legendary pieces of work. It wasn't until later in my life (a couple of years ago) that I realised that Dean And Gene Ween were some of the biggest druggies in the musical world, this shocked me, but then it also made sense.

Ween It's Gonna Be A Long Night

Wow, wow, wow, and wow! This album was just so big on me it was overwhelming. At The Drive-In were possibly the biggest impact on my life, and still to this day I cant get enough of Relationship Of Command. What made things sweeter, Iggy Pop featuring on Rolodex Propaganda. Invalid Letter Dept. was the first track I heard and to this day it's still one of my favorites, a track I can just listen on repeat for so long. Pattern Against User, One Armed Scissor and Enfilade are everything I love in a punk rock album.

At The Drive-In Rolodex Propaganda / Enfilade / One Armed Scissor


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Teenagers Say Yes

Fortunately for you and I, soon after this unfortunate musical block I was hit by a tightly scrunched ball of musical goodness. That, being rediscovering the delights of buying CDs again!

Mirah - Joyride: Remixes

It's said that when a band or artist resorts to a remix album, it's a sign that they're caught in a creative drought. That is such a pejorative statement. As a matter of fact, I love remix albums. Bloc Party, DFA 1979, Architecture in Helsinki, you name it! Mirah's offering is no exception. Joyride: Remixes is a sweet, ethereal 22-track collection that spans over Mirah's career. Each song is recast in a new light, giving it a new meaning and feel to the otherwise endearingly simple songs.

Mirah Pollen (Pee Pollen Remix)
Mirah Make It Hot (All Over Remix) - Mixed by Y.A.C.H.T.
Mirah Fruits of Your Garden - Remade by Khaela Maricich

Modular People - Leave Them All Behind 2

From holding insanely wonderful gigs and parties to having a great roster of artists, Modular has released a worthy predecessor to Leave Them All Behind. My sentiments about this record are the same as James'. The first disc, which is mixed by Thee Bang Gang Deejays is an electric danceable-like-you-know-it compilation of remixes. The second disc contains the unmixed, original versions. I think that's enough to say that Modular is one rocking label.

The Presets Are You The One? (Club Mix)
The Futureheads Skip to The End (Digitalism Re-rub)
Justice Waters of Nazareth

Erase Errata - Nightlife

On previous EE records, Jenny Hoyston's voice was just a minor distraction from the glorious racket that the drums, bass and guitar produced. On Nightlife, Hoyston's voice is heard loud and clear. It goes to the production, and the approach she has taken with the delivery of the lyrics. Nightlife also focuses more on rhythm which induces a blood rush to the head like crazy! Erase Errata has redefined their sound without losing their musical and lyrical zealousness. Kudos to EE!

Erase Errata Tax Dollar
Erase Errata He Wants What's Mine

Jenny Wilson - Love and Youth

The Swedish songstress who is signed to fellow Swedish counterparts The Knife's Rabid Records is a delight to listen to. Wilson melds disco beats, falsetto vocals and warm, acoustic lashings to create charmingly delicate, odd pop. Not just a one trick pony with Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward, Love and Youth remains consistent throughout with catchy tunes. I must admit, it took me a few listens to get used to the incarnations of '70s disco, but I now find it to be an essential part of the music.

Jenny Wilson Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward
Jenny Wilson Summer Time - The Roughest Time
Jenny Wilson Love Ain't Just a Four Letter Word


Thursday, March 15, 2007

You Say Party! We Say Die!

You Say Party! We Say Die! make some serious dance punk tunes. "Hit The Floor!" was good but the new one "Lose All Time" is more than an acception. Maniacally afflicted, angsty fits on a sticky dance floor with a pair of ripped sneakers, YSP!WSD!'s sound has developed creating various well constructured songs rather than just your average fun noisy party music. Like many similar female fronted bands there's those catchy shout out lines which adds a little punch of attitude. Especially in songs like "Like I Give A Care" and "Teenage Hit Wonder", lead singer Becky Ninkovic's voice and political proclamations reminds me so much of riot grrl bands. "Lose All Time" has by far exceeded YSP!WSD!'s musical strengths and shown a bit of the soft and mellow side. Otherwise, the songs are much more catchy singalongs fun to dance to. Maybe this is a band is something to really exclaim about! Lose All Time will be out next Tuesday, March 20 by newly signed Paper Bag records.

You Say Party! We Say Die! Monster
You Say Party! We Say Die! Downtown Mayors Goodnight, Alley Kids Rule!
You Say Party! We Say Die! Teenage Hit Wonder


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Information Travels Faster

A new week. A new stack of CD's. A new Mixbag. I bet you been missing it, huh? Come on, you have. Admit it.

The band that every single person in the world is talking about (don't act like you haven't), The Arcade Fire have dropped their sophomore second release (or "the difficult follow up album") and to much satisfaction, it is purely, plain and simple, brilliant. Not one dud track on it. It's nice to hear the band take a little step away from Funeral and develop their own taste of indie-rock. The screams and yells in the background, from none other Régine Chassagne are little sounds of delight. This album has proved that once again The Arcade Fire will take control this year.

The Arcade Fire Intervention
The Arcade Fire No Cars Go

El Perro Del Mar so far is my discovery of the year. I know she's already reasonable big in other countries, but I like the fact that not many Australians have heard of them, it actually makes me happy. Her songs are choc full of ska beats and organs and strangely her voice is similar to sassy singer-songwriter New Buffalo. Hopefully an Australian tour is in the works.

El Perro Del Mar God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)
El Perro Del Mar Shake It Off

Just today I received a copy of Blonde Redhead's newest release, 23. The album isn't due in stores until April 16th. A band that has been around now for nearly 15 years these guys have managed to develop their sound more and more in each release. Having to follow up the incredible irresistible 2004 album, Misery Is A Butterfly, the band has headed in a more atmospheric sound. It's still Blonde Redhead but ten times better. I think the band has finally reached a sound they are more comfortable with and are able to maintain.

Blonde Redhead 23
Blonde Redhead Spring And By Summer Fall

I recently got handed two CD's, both of which are by Death Cab For Cutie. They seem to be the band these days that you either love to death or you just want them to burn in hell. At first, yeah I wasn't a fan, but the only CD of theres I had owned was 2005's Plans. I now own The Photo Album and Transatlantisism and well, I'm back on board with these guys. To me I think The Photo Album could possibly be one of the best albums I've heard in a long time and that's saying a lot. Transatlantisism is another that is just crammed full of indie/acoustic/pop goodness.

Death Cab For Cutie The New Year
Death Cab For Cutie A Movie Script Ending
Death Cab For Cutie I Was A Kaleidoscope
Death Cab For Cutie Title And Registration


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tokyo Police Club

Canadian band, Tokyo Police Club have been accredited for last year's debut "A Lesson In Crime", with that being said, they have toured with the likes of Art Brut and Cold War Kids. If familiarity breeds contempt, Tokyo Police Club's music is full of those contradictions but with slight amusement. The multiplicity of rhythmic instrumentation overriding lead singer David's vocals convince me to believe they are electronically altered perhaps with the use of a vox to blend within this futuristic sound, I'm not sure if it's the case or not but it's a reminiscent sound of Interpol but more exciting with the reoccurring motifs of quirkiness involving robots, samurai sword fighting, Martians, spaceships and well...mocking a lot of people in the process, themselves even. The songs are quite short of roughly two to two and a half minutes of solid beats. Bass riffs complementing cymbal smashing, hand claps interluded between melodic keys and chords. As the influences on their myspace tells me, Tokyo Police Club are the band to clean up Jackson Pollock's spontaneous messy work with the help of Mark Rothko's steady hands and create their own abstract expressionistic interpretations with humourous lyrics of sci-fi gawkiness. Tokyo Police Club just released "A Lesson In Crime" on Australian label Dew Process Records last week and a couple of clubs around the country have been helping in with the EP launch. Two dates left: this Friday in Brisbane and next Friday in Sydney. Further details are on the myspace. Should expect to see a tour quite soon. Splendour, maybe?

Tokyo Police Club Listen on myspace
Tokyo Police Club Daytrotter Sessions
Tokyo Police Club CBC Radio3 Sessions (via Bootlog)


Monday, March 12, 2007

Ground Components

Ground Components are a band that every single person in the world should get to know and love to death. This band is your perfect party starter and can easily be listened to by any sort of person, no matter what genre they listen to. Basing their stuff mostly on ska the band is a breathe of fresh air and have a unique sound. Seeing them live is absolutely amazing. I don't think lead singer Joe has finished a set with his shirt on yet. Ground Components, in my eyes, have already taken the prize for Best Album Title Ever with last years An Eye For A Brow, A Tooth For A Pick. Try and think up an excuse for not liking this band, i dare you!

Ground Components Head In The Sand
Ground Components Hands In The Air
Ground Components On Your Living Room Floor
Ground Components Coming In From All Angles (feat. Macromantics)


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Quickie With...Oh Mercy

Quickie With's some to be coming in rapidly this year. I revealed a few days ago that you'd be hearing more about Oh Mercy through this blog and just to try and cement you guys into liking these guys even more, heres a Quickie i did with Alexander yesterday. Enjoy.

Alexander Gow Quickie


Friday, March 02, 2007

Enter Laughing

I don't know why it is, but today's mix bag is female orientated, well Oh Mercy does have male members, but lets pretend just today that they don't. I promised to make a mixed post a couple of days ago and i was going to post it yesterday, but Sandra bet me to the punch.

Prior to Good Weather For Airstrikes making a post about this artist a couple of days ago, I was only aware of Emmy The Great by word of mouth and well, Myspace. This artist is truly something amazing, she's young, she writes beautiful songs, and makes music extremely fun.

Emmy The Great Edward Is Deadward
Emmy The Great Secret Circus

I have been a fan of Nedelle for a few years now. Much like Emmy The Great, Nedelle has an incredibly soft and soothing voice. She is due to release her third album soon and if what all her previous albums sound like, I'm hoping this will be an Album Of The Year contender. But for now, you'll have to listen to some older tunes.

Nedelle Puddle At Your Toes
Nedelle Begin To Breathe
Nedelle The Natural Night

Oh Macromantics, truly you are an entertainer. I caught Macromantics set earlier this year at the Big Day Out and I must say, she was definitely one of the highlights on the day. The way she busts (yes, busts) some rhymes and makes the crowd move, its absolutely something you must see. Having released her debut album Moments In Movement a few weeks ago in the USA, I thought it was only fair to post some tracks. Enjoy the smooth stylings of Miss Macro.

Macromantics Apple Crumble
Macromantics Miss Macro
Macromantics Scorch

Surely by now people must be sick of me posting about Oh Mercy, but I just cant get enough of these guys, they are brilliant in everything they do. A couple of weeks ago i posted a track called That's The Point, well yesterday the band uploaded yet another song entitled Mess Trouble And One Early Morning. The band are just about to head into the studio to record their debut EP, so expect even more posts about these guys in the near future.

Oh Mercy That's The Point
Oh Mercy Mess Trouble And One Early Morning


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