Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Everybodies favorite foul-mouthed innocent little girl is back. With the release of her debut album to come in July, people everywhere are beginning to be overcome with anticipation, I being one of them. Uffie has been around the block and back now, born Anna-Catherine Hartley in Miami and growing up in Hong Kong and now resides in Paris, she claimed her name to fame by only having released a few songs and played numerous amounts of shows world-wide. Having made her debut Australian visit late last year for a run of shows along the east coast and teaming up with a few Aussie bands including my favorites The Scare and the newly named Lost Valentinos she has now left quite a mark on us Australians.

Her debut album, which previously mentioned is scheduled to drop mind July, will no doubt be absolutely adored by every floor filling DJ world-wide. A couple of tracks have already been spreading around the blogs like a brand new virus and from what I've read, they haven't received any bad reviews. Although the two tracks (First Love and Brand New Car) are both solid pieces of work, I'm hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that there will be better tracks then these. Perhaps even the song she did with Justice (The Party) may feature on the album?

Uffie Brand New Car
Uffie First Love


Monday, May 28, 2007


As the band's Myspace suggests, Teenager is in fact much like the name itself. Their an uncontrollable roller coaster of adventure and endurance. The band is unpredictable and as proven, lead singer Nick isn't afraid of pushing his boundaries when it comes to being on stage. Whenever theres an out of control maniac (but in a good way of course) in the band, there's always got to be someone else that levels things back up, here's where Pip comes in. Her stage presence isn't as extraordinary as Nick's, she's a much more hidden and secretive person, but when she has her guitar in her hands she can definitely do something unexpected and will leave people wanting more and more.

Thirteen is the name of the band's debut album and it has been welcomed with much open arms by all critics with Impress Magazine giving it album of the week and claiming it to be "Album of the year so far" The album was recorded over a long period of time in 6 different studios ranging over 4 different countries. The band also managed to ring in Sonic Youth's Lee Ronaldo and Steve Shelley, as well as my favorite musical genius of all time, Luke Steele from The Sleepy Jackson. It turns out now the band have stricken a real friendship with Lee and even had the pleasure of recording at his studio.

The band's first single off the album, Pony, was a hit all over radio stations (even the mainstream ones), but due to it's "explicit" language about sex, it didn't last very long. If you don't pay attention to the lyrics the song is actually really clever, the drum changes, the wailing guitar, and the screaming vocals, it's a catchy track indeed. Alone Again is the newest single and the most effective commercially, although it hasn't been out long it has seen the band gaining a more wider audience, with it's smooth easy flowing sounds, and vocals to almost put you to sleep.

Teenager Pony Removed by request of label.
Teenager Alone Again Removed by request of label.

Purchase Thirteen and watch the video for Alone Again


Friday, May 25, 2007

Goodbye and Hello

As people may or may not have noticed, one valued member of the Off The Record team has been absent from posting this year. Although she has tried her hardest to make posts here and there, and add in her little thoughts as well, she has been extremely overwhelmed in her life at the moment, and thus she has decided it was time to leave the website to pursue a career. For those of who who may not know who I'm talking about, I'm talking about our Singaporean writer Jacq. She has been with the team for a long time now, almost since the beginning, and has contributed some real interesting and extraordinary posts over the months. Everyone here who is apart of Off The Record would dearly like to Jacq for her contributions and hopes that whatever she may choose to do in life, she does it with flying colours. She will most definitely be missed around here. Thank you Jacq!

With the leaving of one member, it has pretty much forced me and the rest of the team to consider where Off The Record will be heading in the future. I'm sure I speak for the team when I say that we need a new writer to fill Jacq's shoes. With that, people can start emailing us as soon as they want. We're looking for someone that would be willing to at least make one post every couple of days, or even everyday (that would be nice), we're not picky with gender (although the website is mostly female orientated) or country your from, but we are looking for someone who is around the same age as all of us other writers (Me 17, Sandra 16, Grace 13, and Molly 19) and if possible, handy with some HTML. If you think you can fill those specifications, then please, drop me or Sandra an email and we'll see what we can do.

Now, just to let people on a bit of an insight as to the direction the website will be taking here are the following improvements the website may possibly be taking:
- Posting makeover (more info, more songs, more viewer friendly, and possibly streaming)
- Sidebar makeover (not sure how yet, but I'm sure the team will figure something out)
- Possible Template makeover (Highly unlikely, Sandra is the template designer and may not have time.)
- Hosted website (we're looking into finally hosting Off The Record, officially making it a "dot com")
- More posts (I'm always promising this, but we're all trying our hardest.)

Who knows what the future will bring to this website, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Oh, sorry, no music today as well. I will make a post as soon as possibly can.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

7 Day Weekend

Formed out of art school is this Perth, Australian girl group 7 Day Weekend who make some "let's get down and dance" cheeky bubbly electro pop songs about boys, pizza, parties, real estate and leisure wear. Dressed up in ever changing themes on stage similar to that of Chicks on Speed, 7 Day Weekend create a glamorous raucous dance party. They make me put down my fabric ink, squeegee (I love saying that word), stencils and screenprints to join in this never-ending weekend fun. If you like your rapping beats and handclaps, 7 Day Weekend are here to kick start your "pinch on the arm" party playlist. They've also played with a handful of fellow Australian artists like Van She, The Presets, Cut Copy, KIM, Kiosk, Snowman, Airport City Shuffle to name a few and have just released a couple of singles remixed by Master Celebrator. Give me weekends! Give me seven!

7 Day Weekend Party Monster
7 Day Weekend Hot Property


Friday, May 18, 2007


I've been a extremely late with this one, but as they say, it's better late then never, so I have finally given Beirut's latest release, Gulag Orkestar, a huge flogging this week. I was never too certain with, Albuquerque native, Zach Condon, one day I'd be completely bored with the record but then the next day I would have it on repeat for hours upon hours. Maybe he justs has that kind of effect and you have to be in the right mood and the right frame of mind to enjoy it? But what makes this record so undeniably great is the fact that Zach is still a teenager and is only just beginning. The record sounds like it was put together by a huge orchestra but it was all done by Zack and recorded at his house. He is a multi instrumentalist who plays some the most flamboyant eastern-European sounds you'll ever come across. A very enjoyable listen.

Beirut Postcards From Italy
Beirut The Bunker


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Azeda Booth

Mysterious Body is the first EP from Calgary, Canada's experimental pop-ambient sextet Azeda Booth, it takes on board atmospheric soundscapes and gradual momentums. Like Sigur Rós, vocalist Jordon Hossack incorporates bowed guitars on stage and delivers those strained lullaby male falsettos complementing soft acoustics of "Landscape (With Grass)" and in contrast to the harsh electronics of "Dead Girls". The record is filled with these tinkering spacey mellow pieces drawing out the fine elusive blend of acoustic-based electronic sounding as natural as possible. It's this crossover which sees the band more as a collective of artists, branching ideas to form a cohesive body of work. Despite having to wait two years for the release, Azeda Booth hope to bring familiarity before giving us and insight of their upcoming album.

Azeda Booth Landscapes (With Grass)
Azeda Booth Aislinn Bos, Y
Azeda Booth Dead Girls
Azeda Booth Ben


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Grip Like A Vice

This post was going to be somewhat of an exclusive, but in the one day that this song has been floating around almost every single blog (might be a slight exaggeration) has posted about it. A new song from The Go! Team has risen from the bands yet to be titled album due later in the year and from what I'm hearing, this sounds like it could be a brilliant album. I'd be curious to hear what everyone else thinks of the song, so please don't be shy, leave a comment. Oh! and I'll chuck a remix in for good measure as well.

The Go! Team Grip Like A Vice
The Go! Team Ladyflash (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

After years or anticipating, contemplating, and really just holding out, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have finally released the highly infectious album, Baby 81. Album #4 see's the band almost heading back to their roots, with their extreme guitar hooks and melodies to fall for, but also maintaining the last sound that was their last album, Howl. It's still a pleasure to hear the band sticking with some of the more piano based songs, but mixing it up as well by adding a few guitar licks here and a catchy drumbeat there. This album is by far a huge step-up for the band, they have taken a more adventurous path but have still managed to please their loyal fans with an original sound. When it comes to folk-rock these days, BRMC can truly pull it off like no other.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Weapon Of Choice
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Windows


Monday, May 14, 2007

Mystery Jets

Alas oh Mystery Jets! Their stories, their music; this peculiar unique talented bunch inclines me into a state of delight. The chants and harmonious singalongs hold the core juxtaposing rhapsodies of their prog rock influenced rattling kitchen percussion instrumentals into continuous repetitive listens that haven't left my stereo for weeks. The tracks from last year's debut Making Dens are written rather in a poetic sense of quirky and adventurous story lines yet also obtaining that personal level from recounts of front man Blaine Harrison's time in hospitals. Each page of the cd cover booklet delivers a picture to each song giving insight to this concept - "what we create are dens with secrets and imagination hidden inside that we can invite anyone into through the mediums of word, music, art, anything we like". Mystery Jets have been recording some new songs for their sophomore release which include tracks like "Elizabeth," "Bella," "Behind The Bunhouse," "Flakes," "Pink Elephant," "Girl Shaped Gun," "Man In The Corner," "Sand In The Jar," "Metal Soul" and "Untitled". Lead guitarist William Rees describes them "lyrical tightness." Will be one to look out for.

Mystery Jets You Can't Fool Me Dennis (Justice Remix) / watch video
Mystery Jets Diamonds In The Dark (L.A. Riots Remix) / watch video
Mystery Jets Elizabeth (Electric) / (Acoustic)
Mystery Jets Crosswords


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day all!

This week brings a far more relaxed and chilled mix. I hope it tantalises everyone’s tastebuds all the same! I have not specially recruited these tunes, in the hopes of finding something to share – rather these come from my private collection. I hope these songs will bring you safely home from your daily activities; happy, sad, or whatever it may be.

Elvis Perkins While You Were Sleeping
A romantic, sensual experience. Words simply cannot express the beauty of this song, and the feeling you get when actively listening to the amazingly articulated lyrics.
(After listening to it for a while – I can’t help but imagine what it would sound like if Conor Oberst sung this song. His style of music is there!)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Open Invitation
An old favourite of mine, always nice to listen to and unwind to. I like to listen to this track as I am driving home from somewhere. I associate sadness and pain with this song, a true sign of a song well executed I think.

Denison Witmer California Black and Blue
A pal of Sufjan Stevens, the essence of material Witmer portrays is very rich, and calmingly upbeat. This song is best enjoyed when the late afternoon sunbeams are bouncing off your favourite room’s walls – highlighting all the little lost particles of earth.

Joseph Arthur Enough To Get Away
A great track to escape the daily grind with. If you have had a good day – it will emphasize this. If you have had a bad day, it will make you smile and kick yourself at wasting your sadness on silly daily happenings.

Explosions in the Sky The Birth and Death of Day
A beautiful track to end with. Words again, cannot describe the exquisiteness of this perfectly composed masterpiece. Listen, smile and appreciate the things our ears, and our souls are so lucky to savour.

(P.s. I arranged the tracks in the order by which I suggest you listen to them in)


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

If The World Had Cookies

When I hear Softlightes, I immediately think happy thoughts and have a smile on my face. Their a band that just has that effect on you, and you just take in the situation, whether it be on CD or live. With the combination of the beautifully soft voiced vocalist Ron Foutenberry, his almost naughty childish lyrics, and the bands soothing catchy indie pop sound, these guys are an absolute delight and a joy on the ears. The band recently were here to promote their latest effort Say No! To Being Cool, Say Yes! To Being Happy, playing a few sideshows but mainly featuring at V Festival, where they received the much attention and loving they really deserve. Casting Softlightes into the ever growing line of indie bands would be an insult, they are most definitely in a league of their own, and only a handful of bands can come within slight region of what these guys are producing.

Softlightes The Robots In My Room Were Playing Arena Rock
Softlightes The Microwave Song


Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's Sunday!

Another week has passed us oh so rapidly, and it is the dreaded Sunday; the afternoon before we must resume our weekly activities – whether they be class, college, university or full day 9 to 5 jobs. What better way to celebrate the evening before our dreaded or perhaps potentially rewarding week, than to prepare ourselves with some extraordinary tunes and play-lists to cope with what is ahead!

Thee More Shallows Night At Night School
San Francisco based three piece, Thee More Shallows, successfully produce a sound that is very real, raw and most certainly not over produced. Night At Knight School is a great track, slightly depressing, however a great listen. (Sounds like: Ben Gibbard in yet another side-project)

Au Revoir Simone A Violent Yet Flammable World
Brooklyn based, all-female three piece put the fab in fabulous. With their inspiring vocals and cheerful yet meaningful beats, it gives depth and substance to the issues they portray. (Sounds like: Girls who know what they are doing)

Jeremy Warmsley Dirty Blue Jeans
I seem to always catch myself listening to this track on the train ride home after a busy day of the city life. Quite fitting considering the lyrics. A great happy track that will leave you thinking, especially the next time you see that cute guy/girl “sitting across” from you. (Sounds like: A fantasy that only exists in your head)

1990s See You At The Lights
You will most likely walk with a spring in your step, and your head bopping in beat. It’s great to listen to this track while walking through sunny parks, past angry people who are too focused on their downhill heading lives, than to find some quality music. Unlike you guys of course, you all have a fantastic means to source your tunes!! (Sounds like: This track should be in a movie)


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