Thursday, November 13, 2008

5 Songs with Children Collide

It's been a little since I've posted one of these (which I really should start doing a lot more frequently seeing as though there are so many more yet to be posted) but now that I'm trying to get things up and rolling on this website once again - and introducing some new features in the not-to-distant future - it's pretty much a perfect time to be doing this. So, all excuses aside, it's time to push forward. Children Collide is possibly one of the most talked about Melbourne bands at the moment. What with a debut album now released, a stellar live reputation, and some incredible music to go with it; it was only going to be a matter of time for these guys. The Long Now is the name of the album and starting tomorrow night the boys are set to tour around Australia promoting it. The tour dates and supports are available at this link but I also managed to steal some time from lead-vocalist Johnny Mackay for a quick interview and a '5 Songs with...' which he was only more then happy to take part in.

(MP3) Children Collide - Skeleton Dance
(MP3) Children Collide - Chosen Armies

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(MP3) NEU! - Hallogallo
I’m obsessed with this band at the moment. I love the use of the driving or “motorik” beat, something I really want to explore further in my own music. Hallo Gallo embodies what I love about the feel of NEU!

(MP3) Peter And The Wolf - Safe Travels
Cute sentimental folk from Austin, Texas. This guy writes songs that make me feel like being a character in a fairy tale. I really wanted him to look like a medieval lumberjack, but he looks more like a pro tennis player or something…anyway, check him out.

(MP3) Bridezilla - Saint Francine
One of the best new bands in Australia at the moment. I love this song, recently got passed their EP and listened to it a bunch of times in a row. This song especially sticks out to me. I hope they do well.

(MP3) Spaceman 3 - Ecstacy In Slow Motion
This is basically the same sound repeating itself for about 9 minutes. It put me into another world the first time I heard it, so meditative and beautiful. It’s off a weird record called Dreamweapon that I had to order once I’d heard this song.

(MP3) The E.L.F. - Billie
After a tour with this brilliant man I couldn’t get this song out of my head for weeks. He knows how to write a tune, he also knows how to be a funny bastard and when he’s not dropping beats in Port Moresby he’s making videos of himself in his bedroom.

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