Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fan Death

I'd like to introduce everyone to a group that will be the most talked about in 2009. They go by the name of Fan Death, and these past couple of weeks have been popping up on just about all of the well-known blogs around the world. There's always an artist that comes along out of nowhere and just creates this massive hype around them, and become one of the most talked about items (take MGMT for example). I'm getting some real Kate Bush cross Goblin vibes about this duo, which actually is really refreshing to hear. They do a nice little take on that weird sort of 80's pop, and just to further creep you out, include some eerily spooky vocals that are unbelievably deep and invigorating. There's not much music around to judge the group by, but from the looks of it Erol Alkan has snapped the duo up and is releasing a 7' inch through his label in the not to distant future.

Fan Death The Constellations
Fan Death The Son Will Rise
Fan Death Veronica's Veil


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