Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tilly And The Wall

I remember two years back when listening to Tilly And The Wall was something so innocent and nostalgic. It's amazing what two years can do to a band, and their music, it's not so clean and fun now; this band is serious. With their third album (O), they have so much more attitude and angst it's really hard to believe your actually listening to them. There's still the sing-a-longs, the fun loving, and dance-crazed toe-taps but there's just so much more layers now. It's phenomenal to listen too. They've transformed their energy of declarative exuberance in another direction. I mean come on! There's saxophones now? And an actual drum-kit (only in a few songs)? And this whole Americana-Western feel? There's even swear words!? What's going on here? Okay, this really does need to be listened too to fully understand. Tilly And The Wall's hard working lifestyle has completely paid off for them, it's a given. I'm just gobsmacked at how much this group has changed. I need to sit down, this is too much.

Tilly And The Wall Pot Kettle Black
Tilly And The Wall I Found You
Tilly And The Wall Dust Me Off

Purchase (O) and watch the video for Pot Kettle Black.


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