Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sarah Blasko: Part Two

Well I think people all over the world know who Sarah Blasko is by now. For those of you who dont know yet, Sarah appeared in the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony and di a terrific cover of Crowded House's "Dont Dream Its Over". Now unfortunately i dont have Sarah's version of the song, but if anyone does i would love it if you were to give it to me. Todays offering though is the fourth track off her debut cd "The Overture And The Underscore". Its another great song too!

Sarah Blasko At Your Best

You can buy Sarah Blasko's album from Insound. Come on! do it

Howling Bells - Low Happening

Alright time for a new release. The Howling Bells are set to release their new single 'Low Happening' and its is a corker. For Australians who aren't familiar with this band, well they used to be known as Waikiki before they moved to Liverpool and changed their name. But this is totally different to Waikiki...its a whole new sound. Trust me its worth it, very very catchy song.

Howling Bells Low Happening

In related news... Juanita (singer of the Howling Bells) is going to make a guest appearance for the new Sleepy Jackson album which is due out in a couple of months!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rare Ted Leo And The Pharmacists

Last year when Ted Leo And The Pharmacists where in Australia, they released a split EP with Blueline Medic (A great Aussie band! May post about them in the future.). The band re-recorded "Loyal To My Sorrowful Country", did a new song "Angels Share", but best of all they did a cover version of Split Enz's "Six Months On A Leaky Boat". For you guys and girls today, i have the Split Enz cover on offer.

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists Six Months On A Leaky Boat

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sarah Blasko: Part One

Come On! Can You Resist A Girl Who Plays Acoustic?
I dont know if I have kept this a secret or anything, but i am a Sarah Blasko fanatic. Yep, I have to admit, some days I am obessessed with her (not in a sexual way or anything), her music really gets to me and its just pop music at its best. So today is the start of many posts about Sarah Blasko, i would proably say it will be about a 15 post feature, there is that many songs of hers I want to post (but because of Dial-up internet, I can only do one or two songs every now and then). Todays song is the first single she released off her debut album "The Overture And The Underscore" (which to this day is my most played album on my stereo and my computer...and most likely my MP3 Player). This song has an awesome filmclip to go with it as well, so I'll post that as well.
Sarah Blasko Always Worth It
And heres the video to go with it
Sarah Blasko Always Worth It

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Some Girls Have All The Luck

Dont They Look Really Happy?

These guys have so far released my favorite album of the year. I hadn't even heard of the band prior to this release, but they grab my attention when i released that they were sort of a hardcore supergroup, consisting of members from The Locust, Give Up The Ghost, The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, and Unbroken. I think everyone (even if you are not a fan of hardcore) should give this band a shot because they do mean business and i think they will be around for many years to come.

Some Girls Retard And Feathered
Some Girls Mary Mortuary
Some Girls Dead In A Web
Some Girls You'll Be Happier With Lower Standards

And just because I mentioned them...

The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower Untitled MP3
Give Up The Ghost Love American
Give Up The Ghost Since Always

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh! The Lawrence Arms

Official Website

(MP3) The Lawrence Arms - The Devils Takin' Names
(MP3) The Lawrence Arms - Beyond The Embarassing Style
(MP3) The Lawrence Arms - On With The Show
(MP3) The Lawrence Arms - Navigating The Windward Passage
(MP3) The Lawrence Arms - 100 Resolutions
(MP3) The Lawrence Arms - Nebraska
(MP3) The Lawrence Arms - Chicago Is Burning
(MP3) The Lawrence Arms - Light Breathing (Me And Martha Plimpton In A Fancy Elevator)
(MP3) The Lawrence Arms - 106 South
(MP3) The Lawrence Arms - Northside, The L&L And Any Number Of Crappy Apartments

I've been as sick as a dog today, but i had to make one post at least. I really couldn't be bothered writing up a post, so I got the info from the bands record label, Fat Wreck Chords, enjoy!

"Chicago’s Lawrence Arms are a gritty but clever punk rock three-piece that trace their beginnings back to 1999. Their involvement in bands and the punk scene goes back many years prior however, as the members were involved in Windy City mainstays Slapstick, The Broadways, and Baxter. The band takes it’s name from a run-down building the members resided in called the Lawrence Arms, which was located in a very lower-class area of uptown Chicago. For the record, they were eventually evicted from the place in the middle of the night."

"Their latest album, Oh! Calcutta!, comes at a time when the stars have seemingly aligned and their presence is at an all-time high. Singer Brendan and his outspoken anti-Bush opinions have been all over TV this past year and he was even a feature interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He got off easy though and they only made fun of his tattoos. And you can have a look at any punk forum on the web and you’ll come to find that The Lawrence Arms are the subject of many a hotly-debated discussion regarding their relevance. But forget about the chatter on the internet, Alternative Press recently described them “One of the best honest-to-God punk-rock bands around today.” Things are indeed looking up for the boys."

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Off The Record Mix 11: Blood Brothers + Remix

Blood Brothers - Mutiny On The Ark Of The Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers - Birth Skin / Death Letter
Blood Brothers - Cecilia And The Silhoutte Saloon
Blood Brothers - Peacock Skeleton With Crooked Feathers
Blood Brothers - Ambulance Vs. Ambulance
Blood Brothers - Crimes
Gang Of Four - Anthrax (Blood Brothers Remix)

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Grates Get High On Gravity

Official Website

Everybody in the world should know by now who The Grates are. If you dont, well you dont have a clue what your missing out on here. This Brisbane trio (made up of the fantastic vocals of Patience, Guitaring of John, and of course the drumming of Alana) have made quite a name for themselves in the last year or so, having toured with The Go! Team across Australia and the UK, and just about to start a tour with We Are Scientists, and also putting on some fantastic shows earlier this year at the Big Day Out Festivals across Australia. In the UK (and I think everywhere else in the world) they have just released their first EP "The Ouch. The Touch", which is fantastic, some really raw and unbelievable stuff! The EP has been out in Australia for about a year now, and still continues to impress everyone. The band has recently put the final touched to their first album titled "Gravity Wont Get You High" and have also just released the first single "19 20 20" which is bound to be a hit. For you today i have their EP up for download, enjoy everyone and dont be afraid to leave a comment.

Reviews: "A happily scattered and free-spirited trio playing catchy lo-fi rock pop stamped with Patience's wonderfully unhinged vocals." Bronwyn Thompson, Rolling Stone

"7/10. Excellent stuff!" Blunt Magazine

MP3's: Message / Sukkafish / Wash Me / Trampoline

Just for the Aussie's here's the up-coming tour dates The Grates have planned

Apr 20 - Prince Of Wales Hotel, Bunbury

Apr 21 - Rosemount Hotel, Perth

Apr 22 - Rosemount Hotel, Perth

Apr 23 - Newport Hotel, Fremantle

Apr 26 - National Hotel, Geelong

Apr 27 - Karova Lounge, Ballarat

Apr 28 - Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Apr 29 - Adelaide Uni Bar, Adelaide (All Ages)

May 3 - Anu Bar, Canberra

May 4 - Wollongong Uni Bar, Wollongong

May 5 - Metro Theatre, Sydney

May 6 - Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

May 10 - Great Northern, Byron Bay

May 11 - Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast

May 12 - The Tivoli, Brisbane

May 14 - Sol Bar, Sunshine Coast

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Presets, Are They The One?

Time to get a bit of Melbourne's own The Presets into you! These guys are as funky as it gets, i mean seriously look at the photo! thats some crazy sunglasses. Apperantly their doing really well in the UK and dont look like coming back to Australia for a awhile (damn you UK!). Oh well, heres a song of the album Beams.

(MP3) The Presets - Are You The One?

Also...thanks once again for visiting the site everyone! yesterday Off The Record broke another record. It had the most hits its ever had in one day, over 300 people visited! so good on you everyone. Thanks again.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Off The Record Mix 10

The Drips - 16, 16, 6
The Drips - Down Brown
Destroyer - Painter In Your Pocket
The Nation Blue - Damnation
The Nation Blue - Sea Shanty
Transistor Transistor - Powerchord Academy
Transistor Transistor - Sweet William
Transistor Transistor - Blackcat

The Bronx New Album Is The Devil's Work!

News from The Bronx's official website
"all good things must come to an end. this time the end is mmmmm...about 3 months away. the only time in history the day of evil and reckoning shall come - and perhaps the end of the world as we know it - 6.6.6 marks the day of the self-titled (yet again) full length delivery from los angeles' the bronx. barreling in at a shade over 30 minutes (3 minutes longer than the previous wiggler) it promises to be a scorcher. better get some extra barbeque sauce for those ribs. available june 6th, 2006 on island/def jam."

This album will know doubt be in my Top Ten at the end of the year, is anyone else excited about this release?

Heres an old fav mp3 off their last release

(MP3) The Bronx - Heart Attack American marks a very special day. Off The Record has now been going for about three and a half months now (officially) and today the website justs got its 10,000th visitor. I would like to thank you all very much for taking your time to visit the site, and i am very grateful for it. Thank you!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Official Website

(MP3) Stellastarr* - Love And Longing

I think by now everybody has received the email about this band. But give them a shot, their actually not bad at all. They defiantely have some talent and are worth the download (if you have dial-up like me and it takes forever to download!). For all you American's here's the tour dates for when Stellastarr* do some gigs with Editors (another great band!).

3.20.06 - Boston, MA (The Roxy)
3.21.06 - South Burlington, VT (Higher Ground)
3.22.06 - Montreal, QC (Cabaret du Musse Juste Pour Rire)
3.24.06 - Toronto, ON (Phoenix Concert Theater)
3.25.06 - Cleveland, OH (Agora Theater)
3.26.06 – New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom) – only stellastarr*
3.27.06 – New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom) – only stellastarr*
3.28.06 - Brooklyn, NY (Warsaw)
3.29.06 - Washington, DC (9:30 Club)
4.01.06 - Philadelphia, PA (Trocadero)
4.02.06 - Baltimore, MD (Sonar)
4.04.06 - Norfolk, VA (The Norva Theatre)
4.05.06 - Carrboro, NC (Cat's Cradle)
4.06.06 - Athens, GA (40 Watt Club)
4.07.06 - Orlando, FL (The Social)
4.08.06 - Miami, FL (Studio A)
4.09.06 - St. Petersburg, FL (State Theater)
4.11.06 - Nashville, TN (Exit/In)
4.12.06 - Columbus, OH (Newport Music Hall)
4.13.06 - Detroit, MI (Magic Stick)
4.14.06 - Covington, KY (The Mad Hatter)
4.15.06 - Columbia, MO (Blue Note)
4.16.06 - Chicago, IL (Metro)
4.18.06 - Minneapolis, MN (Fine Line Music Cafe)
4.19.06 - Lawrence, KS (Granada Theatre)
4.21.06 - Denver, CO (Bluebird Theatre)
4.22.06 - Salt Lake City, UT (TBD)
4.25.06 - Vancouver, BC (Richard's On Richards)
4.27.06 - Seattle, WA (Chop Suey)
4.28.06 - Portland, OR (Dante's)
4.29.06 - San Francisco, CA (Mezzanine)
4.30.06 - Indio, CA (Coachella)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pretty Girls Were In Australia

Official Website

(MP3) Pretty Girls Make Graves - Pyrite Pedestrial
(MP3) Pretty Girls Make Graves - The Nocturnal House
(MP3) Pretty Girls Make Graves - Wildcat
(INTERVIEW) Pretty Girls Make Graves - Interview on Triple J

Yes recently Pretty Girls Make Graves were Down Under and did a whole run of shows across the country with The Gossip (What a combination!). Pretty much all their shows were sold out and from what i've heard they put on some excellent perfomances. Now me being only 16, i was very unhappy not to see this a matter of fact i was furious. But then i figured, hey these guys will be back in a couple of years. From hearing a few tracks off the new record, no doubt they will be back soon.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Off The Record Mix 9

My Dad Vs Yours - Winning Hearts And Minds
Augie March - One Crowded Hour
Jens Lekman - Your Arms Around Me
The Lawrence Arms - The Devils Takin' Names
Randy - I Raise My Fist
Randy - Razorblade

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Live Eels

Official Website

(MP3) Eels - Bus Stop Boxer

Recently just got the new live Eels album, and i gotta say it is pretty damn good. This guy is definately an entertainer and he's been going for almost 15 years! (thats pretty good in my eyes). I only have one mp3 on offer from the album and its from the insound website, im too lazy to upload anything today...enjoy!

Also...Gorilla Vs Bear has recently been hyping up Epicentre, definately worth checking out

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Kills Are No Wow!

Official Website

(MP3) The Kills - Fuck The People
(MP3) The Kills - Monkey 23
(MP3) Placebo - Meds (feat. VV of The Kills)

Just only recently i've gotten back into The Kills. The latest album "No Wow" was in my list of top ten records for 2005. Now non of these songs are from their newest release but they are just as good. Also VV features on Placebo's new song "Meds" which actually isn't a bad song, im not a fan of Placebo but when i heard that VV was in the song, I was straight into it...sorry to all the Placebo fans.

Also check out the new site template. This will definately stay for a long time, i wont be changing this one, I promise.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Off The Record Mix 8

Apollo Nove - Inexplicata
Clearlake - Finally Free
Mogwai - Folk Death 95
Maximo Park - A19
Editors - Munich
Paul Duncan - Oil In The Fields
Eels - Bus Stop Boxer (Live)
The Presets - Are You The One?
Jose Gonzalez - Crosses

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