Friday, March 03, 2006

The Kills Are No Wow!

Official Website

(MP3) The Kills - Fuck The People
(MP3) The Kills - Monkey 23
(MP3) Placebo - Meds (feat. VV of The Kills)

Just only recently i've gotten back into The Kills. The latest album "No Wow" was in my list of top ten records for 2005. Now non of these songs are from their newest release but they are just as good. Also VV features on Placebo's new song "Meds" which actually isn't a bad song, im not a fan of Placebo but when i heard that VV was in the song, I was straight into it...sorry to all the Placebo fans.

Also check out the new site template. This will definately stay for a long time, i wont be changing this one, I promise.

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