Monday, March 31, 2008

El Guincho

I don't know how to explain my feelings right at this very moment, for I have found out the best news I've heard since...probably ever, and that's saying a lot. El Guincho will be bringing he's fine self down Australia's way in May to promote his debut album 'Alegranza' and taking in the support slot of Architecture In Helsinki's 'Like It Or Not' Tour. This is incredible news, and I really have to hand it to AIH, they always bring some really good acts along for their tours (YACHT, Muscles, Glass Candy, Panther, etc.). Enough praise and applause for AIH (they've had more than enough in the last year), it's El Guincho I'm more focussed on. The music this man creates is stunningly beautiful and intelligent. It's a bit of a shame that Panda Bear came beforehand otherwise El Guincho would be crowned the king of this unique genre. This is music at it's most obscure, and I couldn't be anymore in love with it at the moment. Please, do listen if you have not already.

May 08: Prince Bandroom, Melbourne (w/ El Guincho)
May 09: Canberra University, Canberra (w/ El Guincho)
May 11: Metro Theatre, Sydney (w/ El Guincho)
May 13: The Tivoli, Brisbane (w/ El Guincho)

El Guincho Antillas
El Guincho Kalise
El Guincho Cuando Maavilla Fui

Watch 'Kalise' and purchase 'Alegranza'.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Catch Up

There's excuses upon excuses as to why I have been unintentionally avoiding Off The Record. I think it goes without explaining that the last year of schooling is one of the most critical years in any teenager's life, and one where a fatal era (such as ignoring work) could be disastrous. But in saying that, I've only just recently turned 18 and have been enjoying "adult" life to it's fullest. With school and social life aside though, I have found time today to put together a non-stop blabber-a-thon and music for all.

GIG PREVIEW: The beauty of being 18, is not having to worry about bouncers or security at shows, and getting in without a single hassle. It's been exactly one month since the day and I have managed to see some pretty extraordinary shows in that time (Ween, CocoRosie, The Dirtbombs, and The Nation Blue) and will hopefully continue doing so for a long while. New Buffalo, or Sally Seltman to friends, is next in line and will be playing two shows at the recently-new and loved Melbourne venue Toff In Town for some "unique performances". I've been looking forward to the day that I would witness Sally in the flesh on stage, and these upcoming shows couldn't be more of a great opportunity for she'll be in hidding straight afterwards writing and recording the follow up to last year's stunningly perfected album (and #5 on my 2007 Top 15 Albums list) 'Somewhere, Anywhere'. Hopefully (and this goes for international readers) you've all had the pleasure of taking in the delight that is New Buffalo and haven't put off seeing her live.

Mar 19: The Toff In Town, Melbourne (w/ Guy Blackman)
Mar 20: The Toff In Town, Melbourne (w/ Jane Badler and Sir)
Mar 22: The Factory Theatre (w/ Fergus Brown and Cloud Control)

(MP3) New Buffalo Cheer Me Up Thank You
(MP3) New Buffalo It's True
(MP3) New Buffalo Four Seasons In One Day (Crowded House Cover)

UNKNOWN TALENT: Taking things now into a completely different direction, we have Sydney's Chaingang. A reasonably new band on the block that will surely create a stir in the very near future. Starting off somewhat slowly but effectively, the band has dropped two demo tracks amongst the blogging world and have been praised for their tireless efforts nationally and internationally. The band blends together the undeniably catchy 70's punk hooks most have come to know and get familiar with, as well the throwing in a franticness likened to Melbourne-siders Young And Restless. There's no doubting whatsoever that these guys have talent and will explore it. I'm just counting down the days until they take over.

(MP3) Chaingang Get Off My Stage
(MP3) Chaingang Cut Here

She & Him - 'Volume One'

ALBUM REVIEW: I have to admit right up front, Zooey Deschanel has always been a love of mine, and always has been ever since my first viewing of the once cult classic Almost Famous. To hear that she was going to be recording music professionally was a blessing, for being a "hardcore" fan I was well aware of her unique voice and talent. But to hear it was with everybody's favorite indie-folk artist M. Ward (are Zooey and Ward a couple or what?) sort of put a damper on it all for me. It's nothing against him or his music, it's that I just haven't ever been able to get a grasp on his styling as much as other's. With all that aside, I have to say that this little album, cleverly titled 'Volume One', is adorable. It's got charm, it's got emotion, and above all it's cute. There are some brilliant familiarities within this record, mostly that of olden day AM radio and folk. Zooey has this child-like voice that's irresistibly brilliant, and it's good to see her dominate most of this album and leave the production work up to Ward. It was only through M. Ward's request that Zooey opened up her writing abilities and for that, I guess I have to thank him.

(MP3) She & Him Got Me
(MP3) She & Him Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?


Saturday, March 15, 2008



Hello strangers, haven’t seen you all in a while! I must apologise for my lack of presence in Off The Record, however I will make a conscious effort to post a mix every fortnight, Molly’s Sunday Mix will be back!

I have a little something special for you all today. PARADES are a testament to what beautiful Sydney has to offer. Hailing from Sydney’s North-West, PARADES provoke a sense of vividness through their combination of Guitars, keys, computers, glockenspiels, drums, and other assorted household items. Their explosive material is concocted in their “stately garage”, adding to the presence and adventure of listening to their beautiful music.

They are getting a fair bit of airplay through Sydney’s FBi radio, after they dropped in their demo to the station’s open day! PARADES are also playing a set at the Annandale for the Jager Uprising. This band is very promising, very promising indeed.

You can check PARADES out at these upcoming gigs:
Sunday 6th April at SPECTRUM, Sydney
Tuesday 15th April at Annandale for Jager Uprising
Friday 16th May for MUM at World Bar in Sydney’s Kings Cross

PARADES Shut Up & Be Young
PARADES Invaders



Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Long Blondes

When it comes to the most anticipated releases for 2008, The Long Blondes next effort, "Couples" would be extremely high on that list. Within the first 10 seconds we get an immediate hit of a change in their sound from upbeat pop-diddy's to this synthetic 80's dance-floor fillers. It's pleasurable more than anything to hear this direction the band look like heading in and upon further listening it's almost a certainty that they have mastered, where some have failed, the "difficult second album". Lead single, Century is smothered with familiarities (Blondie, Kate Bush, etc.) but performed with such brilliance and beauty. The Long Blondes have really outdone themselves, I don't think anyone could've asked for a better follow-up album. They've managed to slip in a bit of punk, a bit of ska, and have left me (and I'm sure others) in complete awe. I know it's early in the year to make a quick judgment, but this album will very well appear in a lot of end of the year lists.

The Long Blondes Century
The Long Blondes I Liked The Boys
The Long Blondes Erin O'Connor

Purchase "Couples".


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