Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bodies Of Water

It probably seems that with every post I put together and publish I'm always speaking about bands that I absolutely love to death and couldn't live without. Well, in some cases, this is true and this one today most definitely fits under that category of "if they didn't exist, I might just die". I have to admit, I'm a late bloomer to this prog-rocking gospel-folk group but as cliched as it always sounds, it's always better late then never. It wasn't until this year's release of A Certain Feeling that Bodies Of Water grabbed my attention, and every bit of it. They quite literally just blew me away, I was stunned by the creativity and the brilliance that this band is just smothered with.

Gold, Tan, Peach, and Grey is this majestic churchy Arcade Fire-esque killer of an opening track that just simply sets the mood for the rest of the album, and has this flow about it that makes you want to take in what's being put in front of you, do some kind of tribal dancing, or just simply sit there in awe. And with proceeding tracks Under The Pines, Only You and Water Here the album just keeps on transcending through different emotions. It's really hard to pin-point just the kind of effect this album has on you. I don't know, I think for once I could just be completely lost for words and unable to describe how unbelievable A Certain Feeling really is.

(MP3) Bodies Of Water - Under The Pines
(MP3) Bodies Of Water - Darling Be Here
(MP3) Bodies Of Water - If I Were A Bell

There's influences coming from everywhere with this group; from 80's classics, theatre-esque bands such as Queen, and of course, some straight up traditional prop-rock. With this album winning me over from the first listen I had to investigate their previous release Ears Will Pop And Eyes Will Blink. It's now obvious to see how A Certain Feeling got it's sound but what I like about this first release from the group is that it was actually a little bit more different and they are group who have/are progressing with their sound. This comes across as almost something The Polyphonic Spree could've whipped up.

The song-writing for this album really takes the limelight away from everything else, it's incredibly distinctive and written so exceptionally well. They incorporated all these whimsical lyricism into a blend of songs ranging once again folk to prog-rock but what really entertained me with a couple of songs is the occasional Spaghetti-Western opening's and even bridges. Bodies of Water are perfect, that's all I can say about them now. They just have everything down pat and perform it so pleasantly. Only a handful of artists can put a huge grin on my face, and I can happily add this band to the list.

(MP3) Bodies Of Water - These Are The Eyes
(MP3) Bodies Of Water - I Guess I'll Forget The Sound, I Guess, I Guess
(MP3) Bodies Of Water - It Is Familiar

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