Thursday, November 06, 2008

'Into The Chaos' by Howling Bells

I don't know if I could be anymore excited at the moment. Not only have I managed to find some motivation to try and get Off The Record back up and running again in much a better way (did you notice the "single review" stamp on the above picture? a sign of things to come people) but in doing this, and searching around for something new and pretty damn good to post about, I happened to just visit the Howling Bells website at just the right moment as their new single Into The Choas has just been let out into the world for people to enjoy and love. In the midst of all these "follow-up" albums that have been coming in flourishes this year, somewhere in the minds of people the question of when the Howling Bells would release a new album surely would have been floating about, somewhere. I know for me it certainly has been, and although there is no official date for the release of the next album all I can say is let the countdown begin.

With tours coming in every direction for the band, from headliners to supporting big acts (The Killers, Placebo and currently Mercury Rev) the four-piece has seen nothing but positive feedback. I pretty much fell in love with the Howling Bells from first listen of their 2006 - and breaking - single Low Happening, and the self-titled album that proceeded. But with a couple of years passed by and now this hot new single in everybody's hands, this are only going to take off dramatically once again.

The single is probably what most have come to love about the band as it takes a similar path to that of the previously mentioned song Low Happening and even Wishing Stone with it's flamboyant but structurely (yes, I made up a word) perfect drumming and guitar work. Juanita Stein's vocals are once again the stealer. There are not a lot of female vocalists around today that can really pull off the sexy rock 'n roll voice but by god Stein has got this so far down pat it's not funny. I can honestly see this single taking off, and it most certainly remind people once again that although the group has been hibernating for some time, they are still together and most definitely back with that certain something to get the senseless tingling again.

(MP3) Howling Bells - Into The Chaos

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