Sunday, April 30, 2006

Off The Record Mix 18

Action Reaction Sinner's Algebra
Human Television In Front Of The House
The Fumes Automobile
Birdmonster The Ressurection Song

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Scare In London

Time to make a post about my absolute favortie band for the past couple of years, The Scare. The band so far has only released two EP's (Masochist Mimes and Vacuum Irony), I own both of them and they are both crackers! At the start of the year the band made the decision that they wanted to relocate to London for awhile, mainly because they are sick of touring up and down the coasts of Australia and playing at the same venues all the time. Since the band has moved they have already been picked up by a label. If your thinking this band is just another emo / screamo band well, your sort of right, but this band is different, they're a mixture of At The Drive-In and Blood Brothers but with some crazy synth machine action!

The Scare 128 Degrees In De-De-Death Valley
The Scare If Im Choking, Make A Scene

Heres a short interview I did with Wade Keighran before the release of their second EP.

Define your genre in five words or less?
Poisonous minds, infectious music.
While you have developed your own sound, are there any popular bands around at the moment (or in the past) that people compare you to?
Although people would like
How long have you been gigging and writing for?
1 year.
What has been your favorite gig to date (played by your band)?
All of them for seperate and equally crazy reasons.
What inspires or has influenced your music the most?
Drugs and headnoise.
Do you have any record releases to date?
Yes, one out of print EP and a new one titled "Vacuum Irony", being released on the 30th of December.
Why should everyone come and see your band?
To get a glimpse of what you should or shouldn't be...
Whats your proudest moment of what you do?
Seeing at least one person dance, or a thousand people pissed off.
And whats your least proudest moment of what you do?
Pubic hair and ass crack.

If you would like to hear a more recent interview with the band, well, Triple J radio recently interviewed them and you can download it here

Also...thank you to everyone that has managed to make it to the new Myspace page, I now have over 100 friends! i never new that a lot of people read this blog so thank you. If you would still like to be my friend click here.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Splendour In The Grass 2006 Lineup

I've been waiting all month for the first announcements of the festival and it was definately worth the wait! Heres what it looks like so far for the two day event.

Sonic Youth / Grinspoon / DJ Shadow / The Grates / Death Cab For Cutie / TV On The Radio / Augie March / The Avalanches (DJ Set) / Youth Group / Brittle Fix / Atmosphere / Paul Mac

Brian Wilson / Wolfmother / Scissor Sisters / Yeah Yeah Yeah's / Jose Gonzalez / Snow Patrol / You Am I / Decoder Ring / The Presets / Clap You Hands Say Yeah / The Zutons / Matisyahu / Claire Bowditch And The Feeding Set

Im extremely excited about Sonic Youth and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

Off The Record Mix 17

The Black Heart Procession Not Just Words
The New Amsterdams Turn Out The Light
Moneen Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?
Elliott Smith Twilight
The Coup My Favorite Mutiny
The Coup We Are The Ones

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Off The Record Now On Myspace

The site has been on Myspace for a couple of weeks now and its great to see that bands and people who read the website want to be my friend. If you've got the time make sure to head over the Off The Record Myspace page. Dont be afraid to add me as a friend.

Off The Record Myspace Page


I think by now everyone in Australia has heard of Wolfmother by now (pretty cool name isn't it?). I think right now the band are getting fairly well known in America and are about to release their debut album over there. The album had been out in Australia for about a year now and I dont think I have read one bad review about the album at all. Although everyone wont get over about how they sound like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, seriously I think everyone should just get off their case! Anyway heres a track off the debut self-titled cd.

Wolfmother Where Eagles Have Been

Also...Australian's dont forget to catch the band as they tour around the country in July, with special guests Dungen (Sweden) and the Tucker B's.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Off The Record Mix 16

The Futureheads Skip To The End
Howling Bells Low Happening
Zambri Can't Believe You
Vanlustbader Communique
Mach Pelican Radio
Brendan Welch Two Street Corners

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sarah Blasko: Part Six

I'm starting to run out of things to say at the moment about the lovely Sarah Blasko. She's been awfully quiet at the moment, stuck in captivity recording her new album. Heres the third single she released off her debut album "Perfect Now", definately a very catchy song.

Sarah Blasko Perfect Now

Giddy Stratospheres. Possibly My Favorite Song

I had never heard of this band before this year. I dont know how many albums they've released, how long they have been around, or if this is the only good song they have ever released. But here it is, my favorite song of the year so far (It's gonna take a pretty good song to top this off!).

The Long Blondes Giddy Stratospheres

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Zoobombs Australian Tour May 2006

All you Australians out there make sure you catch The Zoobombs when they are out here in May! Seriously these guys have been dubbed as "The Japanese Funky Hardcore band". Heres the poster for their tour.

Heres an mp3 off their newest release for you.

The Zoobombs Zoobombs Jumbo

Sarah Blasko: Part Five

Todays offering is another cover version Sarah did. This time it's of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" and it was recorded on air on Triple J's Like A Version show. A very excellant cover but its a massive download! So if you have the time here it is.

Sarah Blasko Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

The Panda Band + I Heart Hiroshima

Both these bands are going to be supporting The Grates for their whole tour of Australia in a couple of weeks. Its always good to discover bands just from who they are tour with, and well these two bands fit in pretty well with The Grates and are difantely worth checking out. Unfortunately the bands dont have much mp3's on offer but they do have myspace's.

I Heart Hiroshima London In Love

The Panda Band Mohawk (Demo)

If these tracks get your fancy make sure to check out their myspaces. I Heart Hiroshima here and The Panda Band here.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

All You Motherf**kers Think You Were Born To Dance

Oh boy! what a god damn great release The Grates have just given us. For us lucky Australians the album was released last weekend, i picked it up today with the money that took forever to save (i dont have a job yet...), so far i've already listened to the album 5 times! I actually had a bit of trouble figuring out which songs to actually upload for you guys today, so i went with my favorites that haven't been uploaded by any other website yet (did that make sense?...). So i've got my favorite song "Inside / Outside" (warning: this song contains some language...ahhh who cares!) and another favorite of mine "Seek Me". For the Non-Australians who read this blog, the new album should be released sometime in July, so get these mp3's whilst you can!

The Grates Inside / Outside
The Grates Seek Me

Let me know what you guys think of the songs and i'll be sure to upload some more.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Off The Record Mix 15: The Mint Chicks

The Mint Chicks A Quick Show Of Hands
The Mint Chicks Take It, I Dont Want It
The Mint Chicks Blue Team Go!
The Mint Chicks Opium Of The People
The Mint Chicks Post No Bills
The Mint Chicks Octagon, Octagon, Octagon

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sarah Blasko: Part Four

Part Four of the what-looks-like the never ending Sarah Blasko posts. Theres recently been an update on her website about the new album. Here's what it said.

Blasko Begins Recording in New Zealand

Sarah Blasko has just begun recording her second album. Having written a collection of new songs with collaborator Robert F Cranny, the pair have been busily pre-producing the record in the home studio of Jim Moginie.

Blasko first encountered Moginie personally when collaborating with him on their version of “Flame Trees” for the soundtrack of the Australian film "Little Fish", although he is better known to most as a songwriter & multi-instrumentalist with legendary Australian band, Midnight Oil.

The three are producing the album with acclaimed Australian sound engineer – and producer in his own right – Paul McKercher behind the console. Sarah’s live drummer Jeff De Araujo is also with the group, recording with her for the first time since the “Prelusive” EP. Playing bass on the record is Dave Symes, who has recently completed some work on the Sleepy Jackson's much-anticipated second album.

In a strange twist of fate, Blasko headed straight from her performance of the Crowded House flagship number, “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony, to Neil Finn’s own studio, in Auckland, New Zealand. Tracking this time with a live band, Sarah and entourage will spend most of April recording in the ornate and spacious former ballroom.

Todays offering is the the actual opening track to the debut album. I had made a mistake in Part Two saying that that track was the opening track, but in fact it was actually track four. Anyway heres the opening track "All Coming Back". Enjoy!

Sarah Blasko All Coming Back

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Off The Record Mix 14: New Bronx Tracks

The Bronx Shitty Future
The Bronx History's Stranglers
Rosie Thomas Pretty Dress
Rosie Thomas I Play Music
The Raconteurs Broken Boy Soldier
The Raconteurs Level
The Futureheads Skip To The End (Thanks to You Aint No Picasso)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sarah Blasko: Part Three

Finally, Part Three of the Sarah Blasko posts has arrived. Todays offering is the wonderful version Sarah did of Crowded House's "Dont Dream It's Over". Just got some news today that Sarah Blasko is at the moment hard at work recording her new album! Cant wait.

Sarah Blasko Dont Dream It's Over

Let me know what you guys think of the song.

Stellastarr* - Harmonies For The Haunted

Harmonies For The Haunted
(RCA / BMG 2005)
Off The Record Score: 8.1 out of 10

This second effort from Stellastarr* is really quite something. I hadn't actaully heard anything from the band prior to this release, but im thinking now i might just get into them a bit more and just see what they are like. The band has become popular over the last couple of months ago from the lovely people at Wiredset sending out some emails to MP3 Blog people requesting them to listen to the band (i of course was one of them). Now, if you like your guitars like Frand Ferdinand, your vocals like Editors, the darkness of Interpol, then Stellastarr* is absolutely up your alley. The opening track "Lost In Time" sucks you in right away, although there are bits in the song that sound like Coldplay (I hate Coldplay with a passion!) dont be put off by it. "Sweet Troubled Soul" is the single Stellastarr* released off the album, it may not have been the best choice of song to release but its still good. Favorite song for me by far is "Damn This Foolish Heart", its a lot like Franz Ferdinand but its still a catchy song with some very excellant guitar riffs. Defiantely one to buy if your already fan.

Harmonies For The Haunted Track List...
01. Lost In Time
02. Damn This Foolish Heart
03. The Diver
04. Sweet Troubled Soul
05. Born In A Fleamarket
06. On My Own
07. When I Disappear
08. Love And Longing
09. Stay Entertained
10. Islands Lost At Sea

Previous Stellastarr* Posts

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Off The Record Mix 13

Okay i was going to do another Sarah Blasko post today, but doesn't seem to be working. So i'll do Part Three in a couple of days.

The Streets When You Wasn't Famous
The Roger Sisters Never Learn T0 Fly
Pretty Girls Make Graves The Nocturnal House
Dressy Bessy Side 2
The Liars Leaving For Dubbo In A Panda Bear

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Off The Record Mix 12: Insound MP3's

The Ark This Piece Of Poetry Is Meant To Do Harm
Nicolai Dunger Hunger

Eagles Of Death Metal I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)

The Fiery Furnaces Benton Harbor Blues

Great Lake Swimmers See You On The Moon!

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