Saturday, April 15, 2006

All You Motherf**kers Think You Were Born To Dance

Oh boy! what a god damn great release The Grates have just given us. For us lucky Australians the album was released last weekend, i picked it up today with the money that took forever to save (i dont have a job yet...), so far i've already listened to the album 5 times! I actually had a bit of trouble figuring out which songs to actually upload for you guys today, so i went with my favorites that haven't been uploaded by any other website yet (did that make sense?...). So i've got my favorite song "Inside / Outside" (warning: this song contains some language...ahhh who cares!) and another favorite of mine "Seek Me". For the Non-Australians who read this blog, the new album should be released sometime in July, so get these mp3's whilst you can!

The Grates Inside / Outside
The Grates Seek Me

Let me know what you guys think of the songs and i'll be sure to upload some more.

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