Monday, April 10, 2006

Sarah Blasko: Part Four

Part Four of the what-looks-like the never ending Sarah Blasko posts. Theres recently been an update on her website about the new album. Here's what it said.

Blasko Begins Recording in New Zealand

Sarah Blasko has just begun recording her second album. Having written a collection of new songs with collaborator Robert F Cranny, the pair have been busily pre-producing the record in the home studio of Jim Moginie.

Blasko first encountered Moginie personally when collaborating with him on their version of “Flame Trees” for the soundtrack of the Australian film "Little Fish", although he is better known to most as a songwriter & multi-instrumentalist with legendary Australian band, Midnight Oil.

The three are producing the album with acclaimed Australian sound engineer – and producer in his own right – Paul McKercher behind the console. Sarah’s live drummer Jeff De Araujo is also with the group, recording with her for the first time since the “Prelusive” EP. Playing bass on the record is Dave Symes, who has recently completed some work on the Sleepy Jackson's much-anticipated second album.

In a strange twist of fate, Blasko headed straight from her performance of the Crowded House flagship number, “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony, to Neil Finn’s own studio, in Auckland, New Zealand. Tracking this time with a live band, Sarah and entourage will spend most of April recording in the ornate and spacious former ballroom.

Todays offering is the the actual opening track to the debut album. I had made a mistake in Part Two saying that that track was the opening track, but in fact it was actually track four. Anyway heres the opening track "All Coming Back". Enjoy!

Sarah Blasko All Coming Back

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