Monday, March 27, 2006

Sarah Blasko: Part One

Come On! Can You Resist A Girl Who Plays Acoustic?
I dont know if I have kept this a secret or anything, but i am a Sarah Blasko fanatic. Yep, I have to admit, some days I am obessessed with her (not in a sexual way or anything), her music really gets to me and its just pop music at its best. So today is the start of many posts about Sarah Blasko, i would proably say it will be about a 15 post feature, there is that many songs of hers I want to post (but because of Dial-up internet, I can only do one or two songs every now and then). Todays song is the first single she released off her debut album "The Overture And The Underscore" (which to this day is my most played album on my stereo and my computer...and most likely my MP3 Player). This song has an awesome filmclip to go with it as well, so I'll post that as well.
Sarah Blasko Always Worth It
Sarah Blasko Always Worth It (Live)
And heres the video to go with it
Sarah Blasko Always Worth It

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