Friday, August 22, 2008

'Social Currency' by Children Collide

I confessed my undying love for this band a little while back but now it's time to once again. This isn't a bad thing; credit where credit's due, these guys really know what their doing and I am just in awe of the music they produce. So, the single for 'Social Currency' is out and about now, and getting the attention it very much deserves, but now there is an accompanying video as well. If anything, this video further proves just why this song is brilliant in all forms. The cheesy slow-motion so very much suits this song, it just works. The groups debut album, 'The Long Now', is soon to hit store (October 11) and I couldn't be anymore excited. There's too many anticipated releases coming up and this is just another to the list.

Children Collide Social Currency
Children Collide Hail Good Fellow


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