Thursday, August 07, 2008


Chaingang are a band that have always been in my sights ever since the formation of the group about a year ago. Whilst going through countless spam mail and other assorted junk everday I would occassionally stumble across an email from the group stating that they have a new song available or their touring or just any news in general. This was enough to keep me interested, and watching the four-piece transform from the very beginning to where they are now has me a full-fledged fan and somewhat a stalker. The band has seen it's bumps, mainly that of the sudden drop out of their drummer (only to be replaced by the divine Skarlett Saramore), but have most definitely seen their fair amount of highs. Most notably that of their competition win to support Panic! At The Disco, who hand-picked the group (Yes, you read that correctly), for their Sydney concert at the end of the month. I have posted about the band previously stating that they was no doubting whatsoever that the group would create some sort of a stir amongst the Sydney music scene, and they have done just that. The band's combination of 70' punk hooks, franticness only known to few bands, and charisma that is impossible to ignore, Chaingang are only going to continue with succession. I couldn't recommend a band more than these guys at the moment. Seriously, get on board now.

Chaingang Cut Here
Chaingang Get Off My Stage
Chaingang Holiday


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