Tuesday, July 15, 2008

'Left Behind' by Cansei De Ser Sexy

For a band whose name says they're tired of being sexy, those crazy kids from São Paulo, Brazil are non stop party and we can't help but join along, whether they sing in English, Portugese or absolute gibberish, it'll do, so long as the music keeps running. Wearing shiny bodysuits or covered in fake blood, Cansei De Ser Sexy have a thing or two about expressing their frivolous madness in the most entertaining ways and their upcoming album "Donkey" (released next week, July 21st through Subpop Records and you can pre-order it here) proves that nonetheless. The second single "Left Behind" sees the band lessen their pop side and go more at it, with edgy guitar riffs and feisty vocals. With lyrics like "Full of things I wanna set on fire / I'm gonna get on to the table / And dance my ass off 'til I die / I'm gonna hopefully forget you / And quit those nightmares I've been having", you kind of get the idea that Cansei De Ser Sexy are getting down and serious, leaving behind their playful satircal approach on all things pop culture. But I'm not seeing it, somehow I see they're more manic and eccentric than before. Left Behind video is self made by the band themselves and absolutely absurd and hilarious.

Cansei De Ser Sexy Left Behind

Left Behind single is out now


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