Thursday, June 19, 2008

'One To The Other (Bumblebeez Remix)' by Wolf & Cub

For the last year or two Adelaide's Wolf & Cub have been pretty quiet, only popping out on a few occasions to do some support shows here and there, but it's now reached that time where some are questioning the whereabouts of the band and wondering what exactly are they going to do next. Well, I can safely say that the band are back and are planning on doing a headline tour across most of Australia in support of their soon to be release single 'One To The Other'. The single will be featured on a soon to be released follow up to the highly acclaimed debut album 'Vessels'. There is no news currently on what the album may be called or even when it will be released. One thing the band have managed to drop though is that the album was produced by Bumblebeez main-man Christopher Colonna, which in it's own causes all kinds of great sensations within myself. So, with this excellent news in mind and eyes peeled for further news I know leave you a remix in which Mr. Colonna has provided for the world to listen and adore.

Wolf & Cub One To The Other (Bumblebeez Remix)


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