Saturday, June 07, 2008


Last Thursday I got to see !!! play a really intimate live show at Rocket bar. It was swell to say the least. These guys were amazing. There were about 8 of them crammed onto one of Adelaide's smallest stage with so much awesome gear. Almost every conceivable space was filled with percussion instruments, guitar pedals, samplers and synthesizers. You should really go out and see them for yourself. They are everything you would want in an electronic band, with the types of grooves and beats that get the floor shaking with dancing feet as well as having a penchant for spaced out, dub infused jams.

They are playing the We Love Sound festivals in both Sydney and Melbourne as well as a bunch of other clubs and festivals around the Northern Hemisphere. They are also playing the Metro in Sydney with Lost Valentinos and Teenagersintokyo, a line up to die for in my opinion.

Their touring company Civil Society have a couple of choice remixes on offer.

!!! Heart of Hearts (Scottie B remix)
!!! Must Be the Moon (Hot Chip remix)

Scottie B's remix of my favourite track off Myth Takes and gives it a sort of synthetic four to the floor beat with more hand claps, which are definitely loveable additions. Hot Chip's remix of Must be The Moon if probably my favourite remix of theirs. Going with a less is more approach they subtly add more synths to an already stand out track.


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