Friday, May 09, 2008


Bearsuit, sounds like a cute name, they look pretty harmless, but add some raging kids with knives and you've got sound of this six piece band from Norwich, England. Sounds more frightening really. Enter the intergalactic space odyssey of their latest album "OH:IO", where a laser shooter is nothing more than a flute, violin, cornet, keyboard or accordian and aliens are crazy humans in ridiculous costumes. "OH:IO" bursts into stars with its too-cute twee pop, dispersed by electro beats and further imploded by screaming noise. It'd be a black hole of Talulah Gosh, Belle & Sebastian, Deerhoof and Melt Banana; every second vying for a breath of air, competing with each other to take the lead. Quite claustrophobic. With a carousel full of hyperactive dizzy kids, its enough to create a frenzy for this hypnotic noise pop playground adventure. Messy, unconventional and impulsive; Bearsuit's album OH:IO is more inviting than it appears to be. The record is out through Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.

Bearsuit More Soul Than Wigan Casino Removed by request.
Bearsuit Dinosaur Heart Removed by request.
Bearsuit Foxy Boxer Removed by request.
Bearsuit Shh Get Out Removed by request.

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