Monday, May 05, 2008

Cut Off Your Hands

Over the last three weeks some might have been aware that Speak 'n Spell Records, which is home to Cut Off Your Hands, has been giving away a tracks by the aforementioned band. These aren't exactly sneak peaks for their new album, which apparently is very close to being finished and hopefully released soon-ish, but they are in fact cover versions. I'm a bit half-and-half with covers, for me it really depends on whose doing it and the artist they are covering, but with these three gems that Cut Off Your Hands have put together they turned out to be absolute winners. From the guitar crazy Split Enz cover of 'Shark Attack' to the joyous and fast paced Buzzcocks cover 'I Don't Mind' to the freakishly brilliant Sonic's cover, and live favorite, 'The Witch'. These three covers further prove that Cut Off Your Hands are a unqiue band of our time, and I cannot wait for their debut album to finally hit the shelves.

Cut Off Your Hands Shark Attack (Split Enz Cover)
Cut Off Your Hands I Don't Mind (Buzzcocks Cover)
Cut Off Your Hands The Witch (The Sonics Cover)


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