Monday, April 07, 2008

Cut Copy

There's just something about Cut Copy that causes this great diversion between people, you're either very much in love with with this Melbourne band is doing or you just completely despise it and don't care much for it at all. Me? I'm a fan, I wouldn't say a die-hard fan like some people I've met over the years, but I do appreciate the work that their masterful minds can conjure up. The anticipation leading up to the release of 'In Ghost Colours' was intense, for me anyway. I went and bought the album on the day of it's release, and it came with the sleek slip case and a nice library bag to go with it (maybe I am a die-hard fan?) and I must say, the 6 month wait was well worth it. The album is like a major event, you go into it with high expectations when you know you shouldn't be thinking, but then you come out having realised that the show reached your expectations, but doubled it. There's not a single bad track on this release, and I really have to hand it to the guys. They just can't seem to put a foot wrong and I think the world couldn't agree more.

Cut Copy Feel The Love
Cut Copy Unforgettable Season

Watch the video for Lights And Music and purchase In Ghost Colours.


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