Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Bird And The Bee

If there's one band I know all of us here at Off The Record are keen to follow, it's most definitely The Bird And The Bee. I think if you make a visit to our pages, you'll know doubt find this collective sitting somewhere pretty amongst out charts. I think they have an obsession with recording, it seems their releasing something every six months, which is great (I'm not complaining). As of last Thursday (Valentine's Day, for those playing at home), The Bird And The Bee secretly dropped a special EP amongst the cyber world. Titled 'One Too Many Hearts', this EP packs some real gems and, fitting in with the occasion, some soothing straight-up love songs. I honestly can't see this band putting a foot wrong, sure there's only so much a band can do in their genre, but Greg and Inara aren't afraid with exploring just that little bit more to get exactly what the want. Hopefully album #2 is on the cards in the near future.

The Bird And The Bee Birthday
The Bird And The Bee Come As You Were
The Bird And The Bee How Deep Is Your Love

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