Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Between Hello And Goodbye

This is a big comeback post for the big break from me, not to mention another layout change (unfortunately the temporary previous one that lasted for less than two weeks failed to maintain interest with its overall busy-ness). So, I'm sure we're all gearing up for another big year which has got me excited for the upcoming gigs, festivals and albums in the making. This post is filled with a mixture of what I left out last year and new music to look out for this year, I guess a little transition to and fro to help kick off January and 2008.

(Version 1: October 2006 - December 2007) & (Version 2: January 2008)

It's been on repeat for me as one of my current picks and what a fantastic time to crawl into the mid-summer. Black Kids sound like that band who should be on the playlist of every party; equally big and fun. Bridging between Arcade Fire, The Go! Team, Love Is All, The Cure and My Bloody Valentine, which has been mentioned by pretty much everywhere on this blogosphere and music magazines. You can get your ears around the debut self released EP "Wizard Of Ahhhs" for free on their website ( or HERE.

Black Kids Love Me Already
Black Kids I've Underestimated My Charm (Again)

Performing in Australia for the Big Day Out festival this week, Kate Nash is the adorable singer-songwriter from London, UK, whose done herself well into a number one album for her début titled "Made Of Bricks". It's comparable to Lily Allen's humorous story telling lyrics and thick British accent along with Regina Spektor's musical talent. I can't help include these covers of Arctic Monkeys and Black Kids below, they're really good!

Kate Nash Foundations
Kate Nash Fluorescent Adolescent (Arctic Monkeys Cover)
Kate Nash I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend... (Black Kids Cover)

A colourful fusion power-pop and thrashy art rock on a small theatrical stage with as many props is how this young Canadian band from Toronto perform, which is more like a musical circus than any sort of gig really. With folk musicians as parents, these kids draw from a range of influences from folk, punk, grunge, motown to hip hop. I'm not sure where its going with that but they sure have an interesting blend. More people should know about Spiral Beach! Their sophomore album "Ball" is available through Amazon.

Spiral Beach Made Of Stone
Spiral Beach Kind Of Beast

I've already put their album at number 2 for my top list last month and its another current pick but the whole world needs more of Vampire Weekend! Tropical afro-pop from New York, catchy as they are delightful and intelligent, the self titled album swings by XL Recordings through Remote Control Records in Australia this Saturday (Australia Day), 26th January. I hope to see more of this band, perhaps a tour sometime.

Vampire Weekend Mansard Roof
Vampire Weekend Oxford Comma
Vampire Weekend Daytrotter Sessions

One of bands I never to got to mention last year was My Teenage Stride from New York, similar to The Smiths, New Order, Orange Juice and The Go-Betweens; its melancholic shoegaze C86-like lo-fi indie pop with resemblance to those jangly guitars of the 80's new wave sounds that retain persistent rhythm and melody. Provoking nostalgia found now only in old films and records, the band capture its perfect scenes and moments.

My Teenage Stride To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge
My Teenage Stride Ears Like Golden Bats
My Teenage Stride Heartless & Cruel

Sir Salvatore are a four piece band from the sunny shores of San Francisco, California who've just released their second EP "Continental Breakfast", an enjoyable and upbeat indie rock record that reminds me of Pavement and Apples In Stereo, which is always a good thing bringing warmth and familiarity.

Sir Salvatore Ambalina
Sir Salvatore Townies
Sir Salvatore Hooray For This Projector
Sir Salvatore Public Key

Fresh from the mail box (thanks to the people at Sydney label Private Practice Records and distribution by Inertia) is Peregrine, who are quite a catch, their music is "emotionally intense" rockabilly blues with strong nods to Gomez, You Am I and The Pictures. Equally combining soul sensitivity and pop sensibility for subtle tenderness towards displeasures making it exquisite as it is carefully refined likeable to commercial easy listening.

Peregrine The Good Ship
Peregrine Dear John Letter
Peregrine Close Your Eyes

Yes, be your own PET are back and no, they haven't grown up (just yet). "Get Awkward", its called and by the sounds of it so far, its all mess and young fun as we all remembered it to be, where adventures have turned into food fights, its all about causing damage and getting awkward(?) Second album is due out mid (17/18) March.

be your own PET Black Hole
be your own PET Food Fight
be your own PET The Kelley Affair
be your own PET Super Soaked


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