Thursday, November 22, 2007


I have been waiting for months to make a post about Catcall, but, and this is true, there were no press photos of her going around that could accompany what I'm about to write. That's all changed now as this morning I happened to make another frequent visit to her Myspace page to check out when exactly I could see her live and was gob-smacked by the new flirtatious, but very cool photos taken by none-other Cybele Malinowski. Moving on from all the excitement of new press photos, it's Catcall's music that really grabs people's attention. Her style is in similar likes of fellow Australian hip-hoper Macromantics, but casted in a very frantic way of popular Sri-Lankan M.I.A.. Catcall beats come from specialist Sleater Brockman, who on the side helps out Gameboy/Gamegirl as well. Get familiar with Catcall because she will be touring non-stop for the next few months supporting the likes of Buck 65, The Gossip, Crystal Castles and one of my favorites, Dan Deacon. Catcall's debut EP should arrive early next year.

Catcall August
Catcall Drama And Games


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