Monday, October 22, 2007


Sydney's band Bridezilla, are more than surprising in many ways. With most of them still in school and half of them currently undergoing their HSCs, they've managed to fit time to tour and record. Mustering dark sounds of the violin and saxophone, along with sultry vocals and sharp guitar and drums, Bridezilla create an interesting blend of folk, jazz and art rock, with influences from Cat Power, The Dirty Three and The Velvet Underground. Matching their musical abilities to their stage performance with confidence and flair, making it an incredible experience for the audience to watch them as they drive their instruments with so much power and style as witnessed the first time I saw them back in January this year at the "Future Is Now" gig with other bands also blogged about here (Ghostwood & teenagersintokyo). You can't really underestimate them despite their age, they're probably cooler than you. Last month they were signed by Ivy League Records which will see them releasing an EP sometime soon, by the end of the year. Next year will be bigger for this bunch; guaranteed!

Bridezilla Brown Paper Bag
Bridezilla Saint Francine

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