Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Crystal Castles

Yesterday marked a day of exciting news for those lucky enough people to be attending this years Meredith Music Festival in December. Headliner's were announced last month with The Gossip, Art Brut, Black Lips, Clutch and Andrew W.K. (among a long list of other artists), but after yesterday's second announcement, you can now add Crystal Castles to that list (as well as Dr. Dog, Sarah Blasko, and Hoodoo Gurus). I don't think anything more exciting then this has happened at all this year. I mean sure, we've been graced by a hell of lot of great bands this year, but none quite like the magic that is Crystal Castles. I have been a fan of these guys ever since hearing Love And Caring earlier this year and everything they have released is now getting high rotation on my computer. For those of you unaware of this duo, think every game you ever played as a child on your Atari and steal all the sound chips out of them, whack them in a keyboard, and mess around with some frantic vocals over the top. Crystal Castles aren't for the faint-hearted, these guys manage to get even the shyest of people dancing. The band claimed that they become well known accidentally, saying that they only put Alice Practice on the net for some friends to download, but somehow labels became interested and the rest writes itself. Whatever the reason, I'm sure as hell glad they are making their way here.

Crystal Castles Love And Caring
Crystal Castles Alice Practice
Crystal Castles XxzxcZx Me
Crystal Castles Air War

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