Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mercy Arms

I've been absent from the site for almost two weeks now and there has been only one reason. It wasn't because I got some incurable sickness or my computer magically blew up, but it was for the simple fact that I literally had no music to post about. It seemed whatever I thought about posting about, it had already been done. So, today I finally got of my butt and got some new music (I won't reveal them for they will be future posts). One release that I got was the brand new EP from Australia's latest talent, Mercy Arms. Kept Low is the band's debut release on the sort of new label, Levity (home to New Zealander's Cut Off Your Hands). There is absolutely everything on this 5 track CD, that you could ever hope for in a beginning band. Their solidified their unique sound that takes you into extreme jungle like drumbeats, but mixing it with the catchy guitar riffs and chunky as hell bass lines. Mercy Arms are interpretors of garage rock that is existing today. Fans of fellow Australian acts such as Red Riders, Ghostwood, or even Damn Arms will gobble Mercy Arms up at the first opportunity.

Mercy Arms Kept Low
Mercy Arms Shot Right Down
Mercy Arms Uptown Address

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