Monday, August 27, 2007

The Voom Blooms

There are some things we like to keep under wraps to ourselves, by exposing them, we undercover the risk of losing interest, simply as it becomes a phase of the past. The Voom Blooms from Loughborough in England, musically, are a bit like hidden treasure. Driven with electrifying energy and at the same time charming with love-sick odes, they draw notable influences from The Libertines, The Beatles and psychedelic jangle guitar pop to form beguiling indie rock.

Labelled as one of the promising British bands; selling out their singles and demos, they're set to release, in Japan their debut album Nine Ships on Fabtone Records next week, 5th September, (which seems like an sweet birthday present, might I add). Its something to dance to, very catchy and very British, reminds me much like The Strokes too.

The Voom Blooms Nine Ships
The Voom Blooms By The Seashore
The Voom Blooms Aeroplanes At 3AM

Pre-order Nine Ships and watch Anna video

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