Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Young And Restless

Melbourne/Canberra's very ownYoung And Restless have delivered an absolute bombshell of a release. Their debut self-titled album is simply spectacular. Since winning Triple J's Unearthed competition, I think, last year with their extremely infectious song Satan, this band has only had good things coming in their direction. They have done everything from supporting major acts, moving cities, suffering major injuries from shows, having their gear stolen, being signed to Dot Dash Records and now they can add recording an album to that list. These guys have been claimed as The Blood Brothers if they were Australian (and we're fronted by a female). Having recently finished up a hell of a lot of shows with fellow Australian's, Midnight Juggernauts (go figure), they are now about to head out on their own shows in support of their self-titled album. Head over to their website for the dates.

Young And Restless Police! Police!
Young And Restless No Vibe, No Strobe
Young And Restless Satan

Purchase Young And Restless and watch the video for Police! Police!.


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