Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson died yesterday (10/08/07) of cancer. He heavily influenced the punk movement and later acid house. He was the only one to air punk acts like the Sex Pistols on his TV show, So It Goes.

He went on to form Factory Records, a label synonymous with post punk. Which then went on to sign Joy Division, later to become New Order. He also opened a night club called The Hacienda. This is just a brief description of his life. Checking out the movie 24 Hour Party people should give an entertaining, though not entirely accurate, look at his life. I think he will be severely missed.

Here's a selection of some Factory tracks I am currently loving.

Joy Division She's Lost Control
A Certain Ration Abracadubra
Happy Mondays Hallelujah (Club Mix)

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