Wednesday, August 01, 2007


When it comes to down to electronic music of any sort of variation, I like it to be fun, upbeat, sweaty (sometimes), and to really grab you. This is where YACHT comes in. Ever since my first listen to The Blow's Paper Television, I have been a huge fan of Jona Bechtolt. When I received news of his departure from The Blow, it was sort of shattering, but it did mean he was going to focus all of his attention on his solo career under the previously mentioned name, YACHT, which personally, I think is a much better option.

Now that I have told you all about my undying love for this man, and how much of an idol he has been for me over the last year or two, I can now explain to you why I am blogging about him. Last weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing one of Australia's catchiest bands in their fullest, Architecture In Helsinki, twice might i add (I'll explain that later). But what made this show even more sweeter was that I was going to be able to see YACHT, live in person and be able to meet and greet him (I'll explain that later, also). YACHT is definitely an experience not to be missed. The unique dance moves, the creative lyrics, the "i don't care" attitude, and even the question time. Do yourself a favor, please witness this man if you haven't already. He'll be in Australia for another week doing show's with hometown friend Panther. Then he'll be back in September to do some Parklife shows and perhaps some more shows of his own?

Now it's the later time. The reason I saw Architecture In Helsinki twice in one day was because they were doing an in-store performance that same day. What made this performance so brilliant, besides AIH (Who by the way were so good), was the fact that after everyone left and I was looking for some CD's, I bumped into a very familiar looking man and went straight into shock. This man was Jona, we chatted, he signed his CD for me, and I promised him I'd buy his merch later that night, which I did and I wear very proudly. Theres a lot more to the day, but I don't want to bore everyone, so here's some YACHT tunes.

YACHT See A Penny (Pick It Up)
YACHT We're Always Waiting
YACHT It's Coming To Get You
YACHT I Saw You Removed by request
YACHT See A Penny (Architecture In Helsinki Remix)

Purchase I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real and watch the video for See A Penny (Pick It Up).


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