Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So So Modern

I've mentioned them before and here I am to do so again. There simply isn't enough of Wellington, New Zealand quartet, So So Modern out there. I had the opportunity of catching them live doing a double record release with Cut Your Hands Off as well as other favourites: The Ruby Suns, Bear Cat and BrandNewMath at the Kings Arms in Auckland whilst I was on a short trip in the holidays and impressive they were. The energy the deliver is just incredible and crowd reaction was one of "those places" you had to be in, all in which fit perfectly in the compact venue. I'm not much of an electro fan but these quirky guys are an exception because they are just too good to pass up. They're one of the bands I've loved watching grow and will continue to do so. Looks like they'll be busy touring Europe for the remaining months.

Their latest EP Friendly Fires has been out for some time now and I've only recently had my ears attached to it. Its rhythmic and layered synth driven hooks create this futuristic sound which what makes this EP exciting and fresh. Like my ever changing phases in music, I'm always up for something new and different and if what I imagine the future in music to be like in any possible way, I'd like to think So So Modern have done a startling portrayal of that. End of year top list contender? They'll be there.

So So Modern Synthgasm
So So Modern Skeleton Dance
So So Modern The Love Code

Purchase Friendly Fires EP and watch Loose Threads And Theramins

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