Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good Shoes

I can now honestly say that I am a fully fledge fan of all things UK indie. I was normally one who despised this sort of genre, with the exception of the more well known bands such as Bloc Party and Arctic Monkeys, but in the last few months I fallen for the lesser known bands of this genre. Bands such as The Maccabees and The Ripps are some I have been giving a go, but one that has really stuck out from the rest, is Good Shoes. This band has got it all down pat; danceable beats? Check! Guitars to die for? Check! Drumbeats to make you weak? Check! Music that is so good it's hard to believe? Check! Seriously everyone, if there was one band I'd recommend people to listen to, I would have to say Good Shoes. These guys just can't seem to do anything wrong and have released a record that so unbelievably good, it's currently sending me crazy. Just to prove how much I love these guys, I have not one, but two videos for you all.

Good Shoes The Photos On My Wall
Good Shoes Never Meant To Hurt You
Good Shoes We Are Not The Same

Purchase Think Before You Speak and watch the videos for All In My Head and Morden


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