Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Staring off as The Bumblebeez, then changing their name to Bumblebeez 81 after a fall out of a couple of members, the band has finally found comfort in their simple, clear and easy to remember name, Bumblebeez. Having been founded (like most up-and-coming Australian artists these days) by the folks at Triple J Unearth, the band has been giving one push healthy push after another in the right direction, even if things have hit them hard.

It seems that no matter what the band seem to be doing, something bad always comes and spoils it. The band were scheduled to play this years (first ever) V Festival, but due to Vila being struck by a severe illness the band were forced to cancel (but were instead replaced with the ever so delightful Soft Tigers). Now, with the new album release in sights and the band being as healthy as ever, they will hit the roads to promote their new album, Prince Umberto And The Sister Of Ill. First single off the album, is the very contagious Dr. Love, which to this current day is being flogged be every music video show in Australia. For your pleasure today, i have chucked in Dr. Love and a couple of other nifty tracks.

Bumblebeez Dr. Love
Soft Tigers M.A.R.I.A. (Bumblebeez Remix)
Soft Tigers Heart It Races (Architecture In Helsinki Cover)

Watch the video for Dr. Love


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