Thursday, May 17, 2007

Azeda Booth

Mysterious Body is the first EP from Calgary, Canada's experimental pop-ambient sextet Azeda Booth, it takes on board atmospheric soundscapes and gradual momentums. Like Sigur Rós, vocalist Jordon Hossack incorporates bowed guitars on stage and delivers those strained lullaby male falsettos complementing soft acoustics of "Landscape (With Grass)" and in contrast to the harsh electronics of "Dead Girls". The record is filled with these tinkering spacey mellow pieces drawing out the fine elusive blend of acoustic-based electronic sounding as natural as possible. It's this crossover which sees the band more as a collective of artists, branching ideas to form a cohesive body of work. Despite having to wait two years for the release, Azeda Booth hope to bring familiarity before giving us and insight of their upcoming album.

Azeda Booth Landscapes (With Grass)
Azeda Booth Aislinn Bos, Y
Azeda Booth Dead Girls
Azeda Booth Ben


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