Monday, April 30, 2007

Long Time Coming

As the post header suggests, it has been a long time coming. Unintentionally, I have not made a post for about two weeks, I honestly have no idea why. But too make up for my long absence, and poor excuses, here's some music that I have been flogging in that period of time.

Pop Levi is a saviour. He's a artistic machine, both musically and mentally. He's music screams pop and catchyness (yes, that is now a word) from the last four decades. When receiving this cd, it had a huge sticker slapped on the front saying "Combining the spirits of Bolan, Dylan, Syd Barret, and Prince". That sticker could not be more spot on, with ever song you can definitely hear those comparisons. But does it mean it's a great record? Hell yes! With every song, comes a new layer of Pop Levi to take in and enjoy. Plain and simple, it's an album that keeps you interested from start to finish.

Pop Levi Pick-Me-Up Uppercut
Pop Levi Sugar Assault Me Now

Sandra has mentioned this band in a previous post, so there's not much more I can add on to what she's said. I have been hooked like you wouldn't believe on The Bird And The Bee's debut album, and have been running it non-stop. Who would have thought that the combination of jazz and electronic could work?

The Bird And The Bee Again And Again
The Bird And The Bee Because

I'm gonna say it right now, Land Of Talk will explode into something so huge it will knock everyone over. Bringing back the old grunge sound of the late 80's and early 90's and mixing with the influential indie sounds of the 00's, this band is a force to be reckoned with. This group will be unstoppable, and the release of the debut mini-album, Applause Cheer Boo Hiss, has already proven that this band is truly something.

Land Of Talk Sea Foam
Land Of Talk Breaxxbaxx

The Cops have finally released their new album Drop It In Their Laps and boy oh boy, what a party starter this is. Besides the band looking, well, nerdy and dressing rather, well, nerdy the band couldn't be any cooler. It's no wonder their packing out venues across Australia and if lucky, who knows, the band might just make it overseas, time will tell.

The Cops The Message
The Cops Cop Pop


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