Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Fresh from the mail today I received Motocade's EP "Into the Fall". Just by looking at the EP cover I can visualise the montage of that desolated feeling in a cinematic frame of sinking into a bathtub drowning in plight of fear after being chased by something really terrifying. Although it’s an old slide of rays of light in the midst of the city at night, the hidden image becomes clear after listening to this seven track EP. Apart from my interpretation, what strikes me is their video to Bomb Squad, there's that same emotional encounter by a character as he takes on forms of many personas to capture the attention of his daughter from a hospital window as noted from the lyrics "Cut the red wire, cut the blue wire, she if she blows". Formed in 2005 is New Zealand, Auckland quartet Motocade, who’ve just released their second independent release "Into the Fall", its blistering falsettos and metrical driven beats are in similar to the sounds of those of British post-punk indie bands, in particular Bloc Party. Inspired by personal events, the record embellishes intense soundscapes. There's nothing resonantly complex but it's well collected and down right audible pleasure.

Motocade My Friends
Motocade Into The Fall
Into The Fall is available through smokecds.com


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