Saturday, April 07, 2007

You Keep An Eye On Those Artists (Part Two)

Part One of YKAEOTA received such a tremendous response, and a hell of a lot of downloads might I add. I wanted to put a bit more effort into Part Two, i choose really carefully the bands I wanted to feature and some of the bands I choose were bands I had only gotten into as of yesterday but have made a huge impression already. I hope everyone enjoys Part Two and who knows, the way this thing is going it could even turn into a four post feature. Would everyone like that?

Oh Los Campesinos! how you bring joy to my face. This band has got it down pat, they know what they are doing and I can definitely see the band making it so huge your grandmother will become their groupie (sorry in advance to people whose grandmothers have passed away, my bad!). Besides their delightful song names and their highly infectious bouncy attitude, this band are completely serious about what they do.

Los Campesinos! We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives (Highly Recommended!)
Los Campesinos! You! Me! Dancing! (Highly Recommended!)

Los Campesinos!
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I only discovered Tiger Stripes just yesterday and both the songs that are up for download today have caused such an absolute fit with me. It's really hard to describe their style, they're are hints of punk, pop, indie, but the band i think have put it spot on, "A Punk-Schooled Mountain Goats." Besides the fact that they sound very similar to pop punkers The Matches, the band offer up something that the Australian public is unaware of.

Tiger Stripes Halloween (Highly Recommended!)
Tiger Stripes Emergency Lover

Tiger Stripes

Could Yeo be Australia's answer to Timberlake? You bet your sexy back he is! His got the moves, the beats, the grooves that would make anyone melt at his feet. His songs are just sexy, theres nothing more to it. The man plays every instrument and from what I've heard and read, he puts on a show that shouldn't be missed! Please, do yourself a favor, listen to Yeo.

Yeo Two Sides Of The Door (Highly Recommended!)


Don't you just hate it when you think your band has the best name in the world but then a band that has been around longer than you, made more money, and are from the other side of the world burst your bubble by telling you that you can no longer have that name because it's theres? I'm sure it would suck. But for Cut Off Your Hands (previously known as The Shaky Hands) it was almost a blessing in disguise. Since the change of name, the band have skyrocketed into stardom, underground stardom that is. The band have been receiving rave reviews worldwide and are getting the much deserved attention.

Cut Off Your Hands You And I (Highly Recommended!)
Cut Off Your Hands Expectations (Highly Recommended!)

Cut Off Your Hands
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I'm loving Bears at the moment. Much like the band name, you just want to get close to these guys, sip a nice warm cup of hot coco and cuddle up with them. Their brand of acoustic/pop is something these haven't come across much these days, but it's nice to hear it back again, and more inviting then before. Grab them whilst you can, all the kids will be loving Bears soon.

Bears When You're Away (Highly Recommended!)
Bears Still The Same

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I'm not much of a techno fan, actually I was really against it growing up and having to listen to my older brother constantly "pump" out his tunes, but this year I've made a bit of change. I'm giving techno a chance, i cant be a snob all my life, and well, I have discovered one band that has made an impression on me. That band would be Simian Mobile Disco, forming out of the remains from Simian, these make techno look like childs play, something anybody could do. There songs are so simple, yet genius pieces of work. Some of the boys out there might find their video for Hustler quite enjoyable.

Simian Mobile Disco Hustler (Highly Recommended!) taken down by request
Simian Mobile Disco It's The Beat (The Teenagers Remix) taken down by request

Simian Mobile Disco
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