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You Keep An Eye On Those Artists (Part One)

I was going to make this feature based on artists I thought people should be aware of in 2007, but is a bit late for that now considering where four months into the year. YKAEOTA is more for in the next couple of years and not so much this year. I'm hoping to span this feature out to at least 3 Parts, each equally filled with great artists. So, enough time wasting, lets get to it. Here are the first batch of artists that have rocked my socks and undies so far this year.

The Teenagers, so far this year, have been my discovery of the year. The band seem to be focusing more on remixing the likes of Au Revoir Simone, The Black Ghosts, and New Young Pony Club, but when they come together to form their own music, it's just full of dancing goodness and such creativity, it's impossible not to like this band.

The Teenagers Homecoming (Highly Recommended!)
The Teenagers Starlet Johansson
The Teenagers We Are The Teenagers

The Teenagers
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The Parson Red Heads are one of the most intriguing bands I've come across in a while. The band consists of Evan Way, his sister Erin, wife Brette Marie and longtime friends Charlie Hester, Sam Fowles and Dane Garrard. The band combine Indie / folk in a way that seems so easy and fun. King Giraffe is their first release and I'm hoping that it will gain the band the recognition they so much deserve. Enjoy the smooth stylings of The Parson Red Heads.

The Parson Red Heads Punctual As Usual (Highly Recommended!)

The Parson Red Heads
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I absolutely can't get enough of Bang Gang (aka Bardi Johannsson) at the moment. During my long periods of time doing homework, his music has helped me think a whole lot clearer and better. It's dance music, but it's good. His spin on dance is unique, completely atmospheric. Word of warning, don't go searching Bang Gang on Google, you'll get a different sort of Bang Gang.

Bang Gang Find What You Get (Highly Recommended!)
Bang Gang Find What You Get (Shout Out Out Out Out Remix)

Bang Gang
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Kid Sister, the next female rapper on everyone's lips. Like Uffie, Kid Sister is straight to the point with her beliefs and gets it across clear and simple. She's catchy, she's bouncy, and she's pure entertainment. She's been leaving people sweaty and hypo recently with shows at this years SXSW, after maybe she might make her way down under. This little boy hopes so.

Kid Sister Damn Girl
Kid Sister Pro Nails

Kid Sister
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A couple months back I accidentally discovered this band whilst searching for another band on Myspace. The name Gameboy/Gamegirl got me interested straight away. Then I heard Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp and I immediately thought "who the hell are these guys!?". What made this band even more sweeter to me is the fact that their Australian and damn, do these guys know how to get you going.

Gameboy/Gamegirl Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp (Highly Recommended!)

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Now brings me to the last band of the post, Dear And The Headlights. This band has made such an impact on me and I've only one song! It was enough to get me hooked and I wanted to find out more. Turns out no where in Australia sells their stuff, major downer for me. Anyway, It's Gettin' Easy, is definitely up there on the best songs I've head in my life list. The piano and the vocals are just spine tingling.

Dear And The Headlights It's Gettin' Easy (Highly Recommended!)

Dear And The Headlights
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